Thursday, October 1, 2015

October is Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness


As a breast cancer survivor, I have gained a lot of knowledge throughout the five years that I have been managing cancer. The key word is not pink; but prevention.


One out of every third person gets breast cancer.  Just imagine you sitting in the waiting room along with two other women waiting for a mammogram. The chances are that one of you has cancer. To me that is not preventing you from not having cancer.  What is preventing you from not getting cancer is education.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.


My hopes and goal is to have every school offer a class on prevention and how to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  As I was gathering material on what can cause cancer, I learned that it’s not just one thing that we need to look at. 

1.       You are what you eat!! It can be the foods you are eating.  Cancer feeds on processed sugar and wheat.  So stay away from them.  Chemicals are in our foods.  So eat all organic foods.

2.       It can be the products that we use such as; soap, deodorant, shampoo, hair dye, laundry detergent.  It’s anything that you have in contact with.  It only takes 29 seconds to absorb in your skin. GO ORGANIC

3.       Exercise, may it be dancing, a sport, walking, swimming or going to the gym. Moving for a least ten minutes can contribute to good health.

4.       Meditation, Yoga and breathing techniques helps with the stress and keeps your mind healthier.

5.       Sometimes supplements are needed to build your immune system up.

These are steps to ward off cancer.  Cancer cannot live in heat and oxygen.  So, if you have to kick start to fight this disease, then go for a procedure that doesn’t cause your immune system to get weak and that has long term side effects.  There are so many methods that manages cancer, but if you do not take care of yourselves after the fact, the cancer is not going to go away.  See cancer happens for a reason ~ so you not only have to kill it, but take care of it from the core and maintain your health.

Coming from my heart, pink is out.  Instead of donating for someone to find out they have cancer.  Why not just educate people on how to stop it from beginning in the future. It’s free to gain knowledge, for the internet is a great way to gain information.  That is the first step of awareness. Join me in this petition to have education in the schools in learning preventions and awareness of cancer.  Also, for insurance companies to pay for other methods to fight this disease.  It should not be a hardship for anybody to experience.  Take a stand and help me change the thinking of cancer.

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