Tuesday, October 13, 2015



For over four years I have been writing and educating on line as well as out in the public mainly about LIFE.  It’s a subject that we ignore because we are too busy living it.

I am like most people living for my family and work.  Every year I got two weeks off for vacation.  This is where my husband, daughter and I would find time to travel and explore outside, our surroundings and on the weekends we would look forward to the Tampa Bay Buccaneer football games during the season.

Life was good, but what was the purpose?  Was it our jobs?  Yes, it helped pay the bills and gave us things that we enjoyed, but was that a purpose.  I didn’t know what would happen in the future, until I was diagnosed with cancer.  When I heard that six letter word I was numbed and I thought my life was over.  I prepared for the worse, but with the knowledge that my husband and I gained; we had hope.

Off to Mexico we would go, yes, it was scary going to a foreign country and not being able to speak the Spanish language.  However, with much thought and knowledge we headed out for this journey.  But first we had to decide what to do about finances and how to pay for the treatments.  It’s a tragedy that for many years I was covered under insurance, which I never used except for a normal cold or flu.  Then this hit and all they would pay was chemo and radiation.  All the premiums that were paid in, went for what? 

So, my purpose started when I took that airplane ride to Mexico.  The experience that Dan and I had, kick started our lives, the purpose to live and not to die from this troubling disease.  We took a big leap, but with the knowledge we learned both Dan and I understood what LIFE was all about.

So now we are advocates and believers that there are other treatments out there in this world of ours that can manage cancer without long term side effects.  Dan and I are living proof of it.

Through my book that I wrote and my petition, I am spreading the knowledge and sharing my family’s experiences and enjoying life while managing cancer.  My writings are about passion, hope, believing, love, prevention's and changing one’s lifestyle.  There are so many methods to live without cancer and preventing illness, just take a little time to gain some wisdom and help change the status of deaths occurring each year.  If we all together make this change then it will happen. If we do not help one another to make education in our children’s class rooms on prevention's and having our insurance pay for other treatments besides poison, then nothing will change.  So I ask you to all help and sign the petition.


Also, if you would like you can read a wonderful book about a family that experienced cancer without any suffering and side effects. It is about enjoying life while managing cancer all along while learning some knowledge on other methods that treats the disease without its long term side effects. While reading the book you will notice preventions while passionately showing the love, hope, and enjoyment LIFE brought someone with cancer.  It is all about the quality of LIFE, this is the purpose.  


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