Monday, October 5, 2015


Do You Want to Make a Change?
It’s time that we make a change, a new way to treat cancer. With the new age in technology and growth in this world we ought to be able to change the approach in mastering this illness.
I am not a doctor, however I am the 1 out of every 3 that was diagnosed with cancer and know firsthand on what it is like to fear this disease. Until my husband and I did research I did not understand the concept of the immune system and the important changes it can play on your overall health. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.
I did something about it and took a leap of faith and made a choice. I did not want to use the conventional way and be in that percentage of unknowns, so I began to fight it without using treatments that break your immune system down?
Learning preventions and using a program that kicked started my immune system while attacking the bad cancer cells, I have knocked the cancer right out of my system.
This is why I am very passionate and want to change the concept of treatments that we are being given and improve the quality of life for others.
Because of cancer I became an advocate for change and also an author of change.
Please join me and sign this petition, be the first to help change our world in developing a new program in keeping our bodies from this disease.
n order to make a change we need you and others or there will be no change.

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