Wednesday, December 2, 2015



It is the season to be jolly and for me this saying is so close to home.  This month five years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer and life was uncertain.  We all have journeys in life and the road can turn at any time.  I am so thankful and humble that choices along the path were good ones.  For I am here today to write along with Dan, my journey of joy, peace and happiness. 

We moved to Mexico close to three years ago, not knowing what our future would bring.  Adhering to the culture and climate, I could not ask for a better place to spend our time healing from this awful disease.  Even though Dan and I are cancer free, it does not change the fact that cancer is the word that will be stuck in our minds.  We continue to keep up with the home program of supplements, meditation, exercise and eating and using organic products.  This will be our lifestyle until the end, but more than happy to do this instead of surgery, chemo or radiation. 

Dan and I have met several friends here in the Ajijic area, some are Mexican, Canadian and American.  Our home is small, but it’s our home decorated with Mexican style furniture and handmade items.  I am also creating different pieces that surrounds our space.  I planted a garden and different vegetables and I pick to eat with pleasure.  We have made this our home for a while and hope for others to come and see the beauty Lake Chapala offers.

Thanksgiving was fabulous, I made our turkey dinner and went over to Hotel Perico and we had a delightful dinner among our friends.  What made it special, there was only about six Americans and the others were from Mexico and Canada.  Before dinner we went around the table to give thanks and what we have been grateful for this past year.  Of course, I said “LIFE”.  There was this little boy and his was “GRAVEY”.  Life is good!

The first year I arrived in Mexico that Christmas I picked up a unique tree.  It was  made from the branches of trees.  The tree represents to me life and it is decorated with sparkling bright lights.  My mother gave me an ornament before leaving, a heart with the words ~ FAMILY legacy of lifetime.  This is hanging from the tree along with an ornament that my daughter and her fiancé mailed to us last year.  Those items make up a tree of treasures and memories.

Let the holidays begin with all to be thankful that we have one another to love and treasure. 

Merry Christmas



I am this year!

Changes throughout

This year, But through

It all I have experienced

Breathtaking and priceless

Experiences. I have met some

Wonderful people along the way.

I have been  Blessed


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