Friday, December 11, 2015







Before this month, I always looked forward to the weekend, but now I am very unsure. I am not looking ahead. The reason is that I do not want to face the coming days.

With my husband and daughter by my side the weekend came and went. We spent a quiet time at the park and having a picnic. With nature around us, we stopped thinking of our health problems.


It's the big day! The radiologist would be calling with results. Ring! Ring! Ring! The caller ID showed the number for the hospital. I picked it up and said hi. He responded, "Hello and how is your day going?" I said great and then I asked him the same question. We were making small talk and under my breath trying to avoid the real reason he called. I spoke up, saying, “I hope you have good news.”


He replied, "Sorry, I do not." He explained the findings--I had cancer and he would be contacting my doctor. The next thing I can remember is handing the phone over to Dan. Now it was up to him to ask any questions needed. All appeared silent for a while and then the hugs. I am not letting this disease run my life.


That afternoon we received another call from our doctor. Dan put him on speaker phone so both of us could hear what he had to say. He advised me of a surgeon, who is the best in this area. His nurse would contact their office and schedule an appointment. The clock kept on ticking and time kept on going slowly, while we decided to come up with Plan B.


Wealth, what is it? Many of us are wealthy
in numerous ways although we simply do not recognize it. Enjoy the wealth you already have in your family, friends, in your health, in your freedom, in your knowledge,
and most importantly within yourself.



Today I am feeling fabulous health wise.  I am no longer afraid of the word CANCER nor the disease.  Through the years I have learned how to prevent this from coming back.  I woke up today with a peace of mind and my husband acting silly.  He put on my colorful comforter that I made and acted like a ghost.  I was not scared for it was like a rainbow, the only thing that I wished was that there was a pot of gold at the end.

Living here in Mexico taught me more patience and that there are other places to discover and appreciate.  Where I live it’s in a community of Americans and Canadians with of course Mexicans.  I live on the grounds of Hotel Perico and see a variety of people from all over.  It is never dull.  Dan and I have enjoyed the peaceful surroundings.  We wake up to birds singing and clean air on top of our hill.

 I feel Christmas in my soul for down the hill is a Walmart and like the states they have all the trimmings with Christmas music. 

So, this Christmas is very special to Dan and I for I am very humble that the choice we made five years ago not having surgery, chemo nor radiation was the best gift that I could of received.  Dr. Perez, Dr. Garcia, Vera Lopez and the team taught me that you can heal yourself with the proper knowledge without harming your body.  The gift that I cherish the most is the friendships and family from all over that prayed and wished me positive feedback in healing.

May this holiday season bring all a peaceful and worriless Christmas.  Cherish the time and enjoy every moment for the future we cannot predict, only the here and now.


Much Love,


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