4. The Stomach. Many reflexologists prefer to use this
 point because it helps create movement that releases
 the chest and diaphragm, which improves the breathing
Patients who have this treatment instinctively take deeper 
breaths and almost always report a sensation or relief.
5. The Forearm. Inside elbow point is very effective to 
relieve anxiety, distress in chest. Apply pressure on
 inside elbow points in both arms one by one to get 
relief in anxiety.
6. The Palm. This point is located on one of the most 
important meridians (an energy channel), which affects
 the heart, liver, and pancreas. The moment you press 
on this spot, you’ll feel an instant stress relief.
7. The Calves. If you press the calves then you should 
know it is better for you because it can regulate and 
significantly increase the energy flow.Beside that,it 
will increase your concentration and it will relieve
 fatigue.1 minute it is sufficient to press this point.
8. The Foot. This point is located at the inside of the
 foot. Apply pressure on this point to nourish and 
balance the circulation of energy throughout the
 body and mind, and to relieve the mind from 
stress anxiety and worries. In addition this point 
also relieves ankle pain.