Sunday, December 24, 2017


I haven’t written in a while personally, just been writing of knowledge and sharing my findings and experiences about methods of treatments for auto immune diseases.  For the past seven years, night after night I kept thinking about the day I heard that word cancer and me then going home from the doctor’s office after all the conventional testing.  After that I made the decision of not having surgery, chemo or radiation. Back then all I knew was that my dad, mother in law and relatives suffered and died from treatments and the disease. In my mind, I asked myself the question; do I want to end up like them?  My dad never got to see me grow up, see me get married and see his grandchildren. Did I want to be like him and not see my daughter succeed in her professional life, for she just finished getting her Masters in Design. I wanted to be around to see her get married and have children. 

So, I chose not to listen to the conventional wisdom of the doctors and educated myself along with my husband on other methods that were out there.  I experienced the functional approach, a lifestyle change and moved to Mexico.   Not everyone agreed with my decision, but it does not matter for I am still alive and living a quality of life.

Each day that goes by, educating and learning what is out there without putting my body through so much damage, I am grateful that I made that decision not to have surgery, chemo and radiation. So many people have died from not just the cancer, but because of the treatments.  Why would anyone want to put chemicals or remove a body part, if heat and oxygen kills the disease? I ask this question all the time, it’s the lack of education and not having the FDA approve the other methods that will more than likely give you a better quality of life.

Today I am so grateful to have had the support from my husband and daughter.  For I was able to see her bloom in her profession, see her get married and now soon experience a grandchild.  My journey and along with my husbands have been quite different then what we had even dreamed about seven years ago.  Its been a blessing and I would have not changed it if I had to do it all over again.

Learning to change my lifestyle, eating organic as well as using organic products, and using scientific approaches without chemicals gave me the opportunity to share and grow each day for the past seven years.

When each Christmas goes by, I look at my life with gratitude and realize how precious we are.  My lesson to you is before making a decision, do research and educate yourself.  Make it your decision and not anyone else’s, even your doctor.  Remember he is only giving you the advice that he learned in medical school.  There is a whole lot of good advice out there, you just have to seek it.  Believe in yourself and check out all the methods.

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