Friday, February 11, 2011

Could raspberries help fight off cancer?

RASPBERRIES might prove a future tool in the fight against cancer. New research reveals that extracts of the summer fruit kill stomach and colon cancer cells.

In a preliminary study, 90 per cent of these cells were destroyed when exposed to an extract of red Meeker raspberries, a popular variety in the U.S.. Antioxidants in the fruit were also shown to kill breast cancer cells.

The researchers, from Clemson University in the U.S., say that while the antioxidants in the red fruit explain some of the effects, other as yet unidentified compounds seem to be at work as well. Unfortunately, experts believe the anti-cancer effect is seen only when the extract is applied directly to the diseased cells, and not when the fruit is eaten.

The research team now hope to start further studies to pinpoint the other cancer-fighting compounds in the fruit.

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