Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How Fast Do I Have To Act When Diagnosed w’ Cancer

Duration 2:13 min

When someone has just been diagnosed with cancer it can be overwhelming and nerve racking to say the least. Yet Dr Douwes teacher in the United States said ‘In oncology nothing is so urgent that you cannot sleep at night worrying over it,  to do the right thing.’  The focus is often to destruct the cancer, get it out, get rid of it as fast as possible and the concept of healing the body with a holistic cancer treatment  feels disappointing as conventional medicine is about getting rid of the the tumour only not healing the person and creating well being.

Take time, get a second or third opinion, this is an important decision and you have to make your decision with your heart, follow what your heart tells you to do!

Dr. Douwes talks about taking time when diagnosed with cancer. Take your time in deciding on the approach in the treatment of your cancer. Consult other cancer specialists for a second and third opinion. Do not merely focus on the destruction of your cancer cells but also engage in detoxification and boost the parts of your body that are healthy.  A cancer which does not grow is not dangerous, it is just a chronic disease that you can live with. However, the instance that it starts to grow you have to seek active treatment.

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