Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Your Bodies Immune System

with Bill Henderson

Duration 7:43
Everyday the body is producing cancer cells, it is the strength and ability of the immune system to cope with those cells that changes. There is a tipping point where the cancer overwhelms the immune system and forms a tumor,  a cancer tumor is tissue that has been built by the body to wall off the cancer cells. The body says ‘my immune system is not doing what it is supposed to do’ so it walls them off , as the cells inside the tumor reproduce out of control so does the tumor grow.

The question is ‘Why does the tumor occur in the first place’

Because the immune system which has been designed to take care of our body has been overwhelmed. you can have  toxins in the body, like dental toxins for years and then something else happens, either poor diet catches up with you, you have an emotional trauma and stress and the body gets overwhelmed, added to the preexisting toxins from the teeth your body reaches a tipping point.

When the ratio is out of balance this is when the cancer shows up as a symptom cancer, leukemia etc  the objective then becomes to get this ratio back into balance.

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