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Breast Biopsy Marker Clip

Breast Biopsy Marker Clip

Since my biopsy I have some concerns. One concern that haunts me is the clips that they inserted in my breast. I have talked to some people and did some research and have gotten different answers. I even spoke to one women that just found out that she will need a biopsy and was told that she would be having a clip placed in her. She advised that she did not want this and was told that they would not be able to do the procedure unless a clip was placed in the area of concern. The answer was it was their policy. Is this right, and should they tell us that we can not have a procedure if we do not have a marker to label the area.

I have done some research and in the findings below you will see that this procedure is being done quite often and is very profitable . Should this be done and are there side effects? According to the material I found from the medical media, there are no side effects. However, if you google it, you will see that there are women that have expressed that there are side effects. So women when it comes time for you to have a biopsy of the breast DO YOUR RESEARCH before having it done. Ask questions ;after all it is your body.

Marker clips used for breast biopsies are made of titanium or surgical stainless steel and are about 2 millimeters in size. When the radiologist or surgeon feels a marker should be used, they are inserted at the end of breast core or needle biopsy procedures to mark the site of the biopsy for later reference. This is an important step to take since most abnormalities biopsied are small or subtle and can become extremely difficult or impossible to identify after a core biopsy procedure.

When a biopsy result is abnormal and an excision or lumpectomy is necessary, the marker clip allows accurate localization of the abnormal site for removal so that as little tissue as necessary is removed while optimizing the chance of clear margins.

Most patients have normal (benign) results from these types of biopsy, however the presence of the marker is very reassuring when seen on follow-up mammograms; it shows exactly where the area was biopsied. This avoids confusion in interpretation of follow-up mammograms and can prevent the need for future biopsies in that same area.

The marker is safe; sensitivity to the material is very rare. In general women cannot feel the clip. They do not set off airport detectors and do not cause interference problems in MRI.

 Each tissue marker is only 3mm (less than 1/8") in size. A breast tissue marker is placed after a breast biopsy to help locate the site for future reference.

During your breast biopsy procedure most of the lesion may have been removed and could potentially be difficult to locate after the biopsy.

Therefore, it has become standard practice for a physician to place a breast tissue marker at the site of the biopsy for future reference. Marking the site also helps to ensure that the correct area was biopsied.

The markers are made of materials that will show up on your follow-up

mammogram. The presence of the marker can be very reassuring when seen on follow-up mammograms because it shows exactly where the area was biopsied.

This can prevent the need for future biopsies in that same area.

UltraClip®Breast Tissue Markers Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is the marker safe?

A. Yes, the marker has been tested and proven to be

safe and effective.

Q. Will the marker set off metal detectors at the airport?

A. No, the marker is only 3mm in size and will not set off metal detectors.

Q. Will I feel the marker?

A. The marker is only 3mm in size and it is unlikely that you will feel the marker.

Q. Will the marker move around?

A. Once the marker is placed, it is unlikely that the marker will move. The

markers are designed to attach to breast tissue and prevent migration.

The marker will not travel to other parts of the body.

Q. Will I be able to have an MRI procedure?

A. Yes, the marker can be safely scanned with MRI under appropriate

conditions. Notify the physician performing the MRI that you have a

breast tissue marker implant.

Q. How does the marker get removed from my breast?

A. The marker is designed to stay permanently in your breast. The marker

will only be removed if your lesion is surgically removed.

Q. Am I getting a marker because I have cancer?

A. No, the marker is intended to identify the site of your biopsy. The

marker helps confirm the correct area was biopsied.

Q. Who should I contact if I have additional questions?

A. Please consult with your physician if you have additional questions or concerns.


Stereotactic breast biopsy is growing at a rate of 25% per year. Over 370,000 clips were deployed in the US last year. This simple elegant biodegradable marker will attract a considerable share of this rapidly growing market.





medi richardson said...

The Q/A was really helpful. Thank you so much. The staff did not explain much about these markers and I was too preoccupied with the though of a possible cancer to ask questions. I fell more prepared to recieve test eults next week.

Anonymous said...

Can I have an ultra sound and mri once markets have to been placed.

Sheryl Malin said...

Yes, you can have a MRI or CT scan after markers are in place. For the past two 1/2 years I have been having them done every six months to follow up. Just let them know that you have markers there. In my case it was good for they can see that I have manage the cancer for all they can see are the markers.....

Anonymous said...

I had it done because it was suppose to be best for me. I did not want it in there. I have had a burning sensation, breast painful and have been trying to get this thing out of my breast for a year now. I didn't know it was very profitable. I am angry and frustrated, now my legs are having swelling and I have a gut feeling it is this titanium so called marker. in my opinion get the little fibroid tumor out had it done before and quit fooling around with my breast.

Ohio said...

I too, feel like I was not given any time to do research about what they were putting into my body. I was so worked up about the possibility of cancer I just let them do whatever. It has been 3 years now since this marker was put in. I have not been back since. I have pain and always feel like there is something in there. I would really like to get this out but don't want to go thru another expensive and stressful ordeal. It angers me that so much of all this mamo, biopsy, and markers are all about the money!

cindy said...

wow I agree! I had a biopsy 3 years ago and have been in pain ever since! I still have cancer but I feel that the pain stems from the marker! Now that 3 years have lapsed you can see just how much breast tissue has been removed. About half of my breast! Why didnt they just remove the tumor as it should not be there regardless of whether it has cancer or not! Like they did to my Great grandmother 100 years ago who then lived into her 90's and did not die from cancer!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Same here. Found out about the maker on my way out the door. I don't understand the need for these things. How did the Breast Cancer Community ever get along without the markers in the old days? They said "it marks the biopsy spot". Hell ask me and I can show you the biopsy spot. And how in the hell did they find the biopsy spot in the first place without "A MARKER THERE TO SHOW THEM THE SPOT". I want this thing out. Or maybe we are all being tracked. Also, do they put markers in all biopsy procedures? I haven't heard any men complaining about a piece of metal in any prostrate procedures?

Anonymous said...

Can anybody say "CLASS ACTION SUIT?

tracy lee said...

Had a biopsy 3weeks ago how long does it take for your breast to feel normal got a hematoma from it had to be drained still feel like I have a small hematoma how long does this

tracy lee said...

Had a biopsy 3weeks ago how long does it take for your breast to feel normal got a hematoma from it had to be drained still feel like I have a small hematoma how long does this

Anonymous said...

I came in for my scheduled breast biopsy.
The technician advised me a few minutes before the procedure
what they were going to do.
I listened to what she had to say.
She got up to the end point where she said "we will leave behind titanium marker clip in your breast" when the biopsy is done.

I was shocked,surprised,and taken aback.
I was not expecting this. I was not told this in advance of my appointment.
I was given no options.

I asked why this titanium metal marker will be left in my breast.
The technician said in case they need to go back in to remove cancer.
I asked what if it's not cancer will you remove this foreign body marker clip.

The technician said no it stays in there for good and it would be surgery to have it removed.

How come men don't require metal marker clips implanted for prostate cancer biopsy but women have too??
Why don't we women have options??
Why wont any facility perform a biopsy without a metal marker clip left in the breasty??
Where are my options?? I guess there are none!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was told after mammo and ultrasound I'd have to have biopsy with the clip. Then I did research and found several forums in which women like you complained about pain, swelling and redness. When I told the radiologist I didn't want the clip, he said he wouldn't do it without it. So then I wrote him a letter explaining that many women have had problems, and I sent him 4 pages of complaints. He called yesterday to say he understood my concerns better. He explained that if I were to have a hematoma, the clip would make it easier to find the spot for excision if cancerous; otherwise they'd have to wait up to a few months for the hematoma to resolve. I said I was willing to take that chance, and he said he would do it without the clip. I want to thank all of you for your comments which have helped me and my doctor come to this decision.

Anonymous said...

3 year of pain and never told why.....they said to take didnt help much.....whats should I take next? vicodan?

Anonymous said...

ps......after 3 years of pppppain continued.......I went to many nurses and doctors at the center for help with the pain....all they said was it might be will go away...take a mammogram........I took many mammograms 2 months apart with not answer.....then they said they found something on the other breast and wanted to biopsy it......they went to do it but then couldnt find it......that was an ordeal!....more mammograms (2d) ...I said I need the 3D one but they didnt have it so I went to UCLA and had it done there and they found nothing.....I took about 7 mammograms at the other place and got fed up with , we dont know yet!....UCLA did it 1 time and said come back in 1 year not every 3 months......I am still mad about the clips because I still have breast and lumph node pain......what should I do????? thanks..renee

CHAVA said...

I agree that unnecessary Stereotactic breast biopsy are done because of money and profit. Women are so vulnerable and after a doctor says you have a suspicion, we are so scared and then they tell us the biopsy is nothing. In fact, they don't say anything about the procedure and how invasive it is and how swollen and painful you will be for months. Its part of the system that cons us into unnecessary procedures to try and scare us for their own benefit. I will never take another mammogram, only thermagrams and I stay healthy by staying away from doctors.
I too have a marker/clip and I am sure that it has unhealthy side effects. We women need to stand up for ourselves and document these procedures.

REBON said...

This titanium marker is absolutely bad news, I've been suffering with pain and bleeding for over five years. I have also developed a large mass outside the breast. Too many of us are suffering in silence and nothing is being done except to continue to suggest that this is a necessary and needed procedure. I learned about the marker just before the biopsy--nothing was in the literature I was given prior to. I did not want the marker, but the doctor told me he could remove it just the way he put it in if I later wanted it out. Well when I called him three months later to ask him to remove it, he said he must have told me that he had heard of them being removed but had never done it himself; neither did he know a doctor who had done it. Too many women are being deceived and too many of us are suffering. I agree with CHAVA.

Anonymous said...

I had a biopsy, nurse told me they left markers in me for the convenience of them to fine calcium deposits if needed. I have been been hurting since September. I have been to 6 Drs. and showed them a red rash underneath my LB plus a 5" red streak. Drs.treated me for everything but the problem and was I was in so much pain my Blood pressure went up to 325 while I was being treated in ER/ Dr. sent me to a thyroid specialist as I have had a small goiter for 10 yrs, and now =enlarged. I showed her my rash and streak. She said those markers needed out. I went back to imaging center the DR. saw the shape I was in and agreed that I was allergic to the markers. Now, I have to go to a breast surgeon to get them removed. I know how these women feel and I wish they had a lawsuit against them. I can barely walk, I am not heavy and my left arm is very weak. I am a very active person and this has really been a strain on my body. Dr. also said she could have hit a nerve in my breast and it is sending a signal to my brain letting me know that I am in great pain. I am afraid of this whole mess and I have to use a cane to walk. It has also given me chronic fatigue. Who is going to pay for this BIG mistake I have going through?? I will never have another biopsy because Dr. explained what all could happen for a simple biopsy.

Anonymous said...

I must say that REBON is right---markers are bad news and nurse said I was lucky she told me---afterwards and mot all imaging clinics do not tell the women. I am not a LIBERATED, in your face woman, but this is wrong, wrong, wrong. SOLUTION---I have to return to same imaging clinic Dr. will put a tracer wire in me--then I have to go to hospital to a surgeon--he will follow tracer wire and cut markers out and hopefully will not mess me up more. We need all the prayers we can get for this mess and I am afraid.

Anonymous said...

I just read all the great things about these markers and it was like fiction is louder than truth. Down the road I am sure these markers will be----well, we just did not understand the full effects that women do not have the same bodies and we did not know they could move. Wish these people could walk around with 2 small pebbles in their shoes and see how long that would last. Sorry to sound so bitter, but these things(as other women) have caused me much pain every day that I can hardly do anything because my left side burns like fire at times and I have to pick up my LB. place it on a pillow because it HURTS. But at least she informed me--AFTERWARDS.

Anonymous said...

I returned to my regular DR., supposedly Endo Dr. suggested markers be removed, I went back to Dr. that placed them in me, she saw that I could barely walk, suggested that they be removed and would let my regular DR. know---went to her yesterday, told her the whole story and she explained to me that I was feeling all the pain coming from left side of brain and suggested that I watch a short clip about dealing with pain on u-tube and I needed to see a therapist because the biopsy had been a traumatic episode for me and also a psychologist to deal with this 5 month ordeal to talk me through this pain. I do take pain medicine and a nerve med, but they are not keeping pain down. Supposedly, now, she is making me an appointment with a breast surgeon to talk and evaluate damage. I just do not know how longer I can put up with this pain in my breast and not being able to walk. My Dr. said she had the implants and she did not know of anyone who had any problems. She discourages me from going on internet to look up any medical conditions, but yet, she wants me to go to u-tube to watch a short movie on dealing with pain, although your brain is telling you otherwise; maybe a therapist can talk to my breast and my knee and tell them nothing is wrong, although I can barely walk, loss of appetite and have suffered with this 5 mos. and never thought about markers hurting until my son said mom, there are many complaints about this on net and I am experiencing what everyone else is and was not notified of markers being left in me until it was over. If anyone starts a class action, please post it.

kira swanson said...

It is almost five years since my sister had chemo, lumpectomy and radiation. When it all began, she was told to "Stay off the internet!" Her thick, long hair fell out and now she is nearly bald. She has neuropathy pain from the chemo and her legs feel rubbery/limp and nearly collapse on her. She has excruciating pain from the surgery site and the clips as well as where the lymph nodes were removed. This once active, healthy woman's life is extremely compromised and she lives in constant pain.

She had a clip placed when she had a biopsy and it caused her a great deal of pain. I read many similar comments to those on this blog about pain from clips. Before she had a lumpectomy, she asked the surgeon about the possibility of pain from the clip and was told he had never heard of anyone having pain from them (yeah, right!), but that he would remove it when he did the lumpectomy. I don't know if he removed it, but HE PUT IN FIVE MORE CLIPS. After the lumpectomy, she was told that they did not find any cancer! She has such terrible pain from the clips. Several times a day, she says it just "grabs" her. She asked the surgeon to remove them and he told her it would do more harm than good and there was no guarantee that he could find all of them.

What is going on with all these cancer victims is criminal. They are not victims of cancer but of the treatment. The stabbing pain from the clips is almost unbearable, but we have not been able to find a doctor who will remove them. Can anyone tell us how we can find a surgeon who can do this?

We have done a great deal of research about natural cures for cancer and have learned that God has placed them all around us! A person must change their diet. There is a scripture that says, "The curse causeless shall not come." Cancer is a curse that is usually brought on by a poor diet. Go to There is so much information out there. It is not natural to poison, cut and burn a person's body. Their body is already sick and it can't possibly be good for them--only makes their immune system worse. Eat lots of good vegetables and don't have dairy, meat or sugar. God bless you, my friends. My heart aches for you and I love each one of you.

kira swanson said...

The above comment was made by Mary, not Kira. I tried to change to my name but was unable to.

Angela said...

I too had markers put in my breast during a biopsy. Four years later, I still have pain. I have decided I'm going to have them removed. The markers they used are shaped like breast cancer ribbons, essentially tiny barbs. What a brilliant idea. Don't get the biopsy if it requires markers, especially if you have any metal allergies. I didn't have cancer, but now I have constant pain. This is a money maker for hospitals. There seriously needs to be a class action lawsuit regarding markers being used in biopsies.

Angela said...

I too had markers put in my breast during a biopsy. Four years later, I still have pain. I have decided I'm going to have them removed. The markers they used are shaped like breast cancer ribbons, essentially tiny barbs. What a brilliant idea. Don't get the biopsy if it requires markers, especially if you have any metal allergies. I didn't have cancer, but now I have constant pain. This is a money maker for hospitals. There seriously needs to be a class action lawsuit regarding markers being used in biopsies.

April said...

My marker vibrates sending pulses through my chest towards my heart...?

April said...

Thank you so much. Mayor and a half ago I had a stage 4 breast cancer metastasized into my chest lymph nodes in armpit + pre cancer in my left breast they did a biopsy and placed a marker it was the most painful procedure I've ever gone through in my entire life only the part of placing the marker the marker has since been left behind because like you mentioned above I found God and cured my own cancer through him and the diet and the marker is still there due to the fact I never had the breasts removed or a lumpectomy sitting on the porch today educating and researching on my phone the marker and my breasts begin to vibrate sending pulses across to my chest Into the Heart area this happened 2 times in about 40 minutes. The marker itself has also migrated about an inch upward which the doctor tried to convince me was new cancer growth and told me that my marker would not show up on any kind of imagery and tried to convince me that I know I needed to have double mastectomy and radiation which I still chose not to do I am now cancer-free even though they won't say I am and there is a 7/8 inch Mass surrounding the marker I can feel the very top of it and I believe it is the breast cancer ribbon shaped one but every now and then I get a double stabbing pain which I believe is from the ends of the marker stabbing into this mass of possible scar tissue that now surrounds it it is very frustrating there needs to be a class action lawsuit started I just don't know not for money game but to make sure that this is known worldwide and to stop the ladies from being uninformed or misinformed and tell it's too late thank you may Yahoo a bless everybody amen

April said...

Thank you so much. A year and a half ago I had a stage 4 breast cancer metastasized into my chest lymph nodes in armpit + pre cancer in my left breast diagnosis. they did a biopsy and placed a marker. it was the most painful procedure I've ever gone through in my entire life: only the part of placing the marker. the marker has since been left behind because like you mentioned above I found Yahua and cured my own cancer through Him with diet and the marker is still there due to the fact I never had the breasts removed or a lumpectomy. sitting on the porch today educating and researching on my phone the marker in my breast began to vibrate sending pulses across my chest Into the Heart area. this happened 2 times in about 40 minutes. The marker itself has also migrated about an inch upward which the doctor tried to convince me was new cancer growth and told me that my marker would not show up on any kind of imagery and tried to convince me again that I now needed to have double mastectomy and radiation which I still chose not to do. I am now cancer-free even though they won't say I am and there is a 7/8 inch Mass surrounding the marker. I can feel the very top of it and I believe it is the breast cancer ribbon shaped one but every now and then I get a double stabbing pain which I believe is from the ends of the marker stabbing into this mass of possible scar tissue that now surrounds it. it is very frustrating there needs to be a class action lawsuit started and not for money gain but to make sure that this is known worldwide and to stop the ladies from being uninformed or misinformed until it's too late. I have no idea why my breast is vibrating but there are other numerous posts and blogs about it happening with other women and of course they're not giving us any answers let alone admitting that it happens. thank you may Yahua bless those all seeking the TRUTH amen

Unknown said...

I think it's part of covert ops where "the markers" are actually "chips" but everyone thinks I'm crazy. Nice to know I'm not the only one who believes these are evil.

Anonymous said...

I had a breast biopsy and the marker placed two years ago. It was benign but I too have had pain and a pulling sensation. I told the Dr. last year at my annual exam and she just acted like it may be scar tissue. I can almost feel exactly where it is due to the pain in my breast. Some days it radiates around to my back.

Anonymous said...

What kind of " chips " ?

Anonymous said...

I am 6 weeks post biopsy/clip placement. My breast is very damaged, and I am an emotional wreck. I had a lovely breast before this all started. But when I went in for routine mammogram, and they saw tiny cyst. I said I already knew about benign cyst, but they never saw on mammogram, so they needed to check it. They wanted to do a diagnostic mammo. I asked about insurance, and they said I was "fully covered."
The diagnostic was painful. It was a different machine which used more heavy and concentrated compression. They hoped to "smash down" the cyst to prove it was benign. (Their words) Didn't work, so they ordered ultrasound. Again, tried to smash cyst with the ultrasound wand. Very painful. Cyst did not smash. So they scheduled biopsy.

By day of biopsy, I was having a full-blown cancer scare, and was freaked out. They took me into an office for brief consultation, where they told me about the marker clip. I never heard of this before, so it was upsetting. They assured me it was for my good, and it would not cause any problems. Under complete duress, I let them go ahead. It was not informed decision. I was strong-armed into it under threat of cancer. No time to think or research.

The biopsy was also painful, as Lidacaine does not work on me. I felt the entire procedure. The needle going in, chopping out samples, and withdrawal of needle. Did that three times, in spite of pain. I was so afraid of cancer, I took pain. Then the clip insertion.

When clip was placed, I started bleeding a lot. Nurse had to apply extreme thrust and pressure for a long time to stop it. Pain. Then came news that they had to do another mammogram to check clip placement. I went through motions like zombie., then got sent home with ice pack. (Still being told I was "covered" for all of this.)

After three days of anxiety, they called saying it was benign. During next few weeks I had pain/bruising. After 10 days, more bruising developed out of the blue. Then I got billing information in mail. My share of the cost is nearly $600.00. I spent a whole day arguing with billing office and insurance company about it, since their booklet, the Medicare booklet, and the doctors all said I was "fully covered." I was told it was "your fault for signing up for our policy, and your fault for not checking on your coverage before doing the procedure," and also, "but aren't you glad to know your cyst was benign?" I said, "I never thought there was anything wrong in the first place!"

After about four weeks, it seemed like it was getting better, but breast began to look discolored, and rash started near the incision. I have more pain, and severe itching. Breast looks bad.
I left online messages with two doctors, but can't do anything until after weekend. Meanwhile, the symptoms seem like aggressive breast cancer (it looks like the pictures too) so I'm right back to breast cancer anxiety, only now it's worse because I can see and feel it, whereas there was nothing wrong with breast before this whole thing started.

Then I'm reading all these blogs of horror stories with these clips, and how much radiation mammograms give off since I have now had three in a row. And, I have to pay $600.00 for this (so far), get into fights with insurance company, still worry about breast cancer (which I will now worry about for the rest of my life as long as that clip is in there), and whatever is going wrong with this poor tortured breast, not to mention my extreme anxiety has brought on another bout of vertigo, so I can hardly function. And for what?

Dee said...

In March of 2015 I had a biopsy in which I had the clip placed in my left breast. since that time ive had constant breast pain, itching and rash. I have also developed additional lumps in the area. When I went back to my primary Dr in February 2016 she sent me back to the breast center for another mammogram. they X-rayed and biopsied the same area with the clip. this time results came back positive for cancer. Not only did I go through a year of pain with the clip but I also believe it had something to do with my positive cancer status. that is what lead me to start searching to see if other women have reported problems. I am devastated and considering legal action. How do I prove the damage this clip done to me? "Dee from Oklahoma"

Amia Clairsentient said...

Five months ago I had a breast biopsy and the doctor put in the chip/marker without my consent, I didn't know I had one until I went to my post op appointment. I'm so upset, he didn't tell me, If I would have known ahead of time I would have refused the Marker! Now I'm fatigued and dizzy and I have a rash on my chest and breast. I don't want another biopsy, turns out the doctor lied and said he was going to just take out a tiny sample of tissue/ the lump ,and I find out later he took out 12 samples and went around the lump completely missing it! He did this on purpose to make more money off me! He was hoping to get me into another surgery, he even said he missed the lump! Well obviously he missed it on purpose, again to get me in another surgery so he can profit off of me. I'm so depressed and upset about this! I went and found another doctor but he won't remove it, he wants me to get another biopsy so he can make money then he said he'll try to find a way to have another surgeon remove it. I don't even want another biopsy, I just want the metal out of my body! Don't trust these doctors people, please! He violated me spiritually, mentally and physically! I have a spiritual and philosophical objection to these foreign materials also with vaccines , they don't care about us, they only care about their bank accounts!!!

Amia Clairsentient said...

I'm also getting feelings of blood rushing to my head and confusion and feels like pockets of air moving around in my head since having the chip put in..

Anonymous said...

Wow! I am so glad I found this page because I thought I was crazy! I too had an almost identical experience as some of the other women here after I went for a routine mammogram and breast ultra sound only to be recommended to have a biopsy, just to be 100% sure that there is nothing seriously wrong. I was fine with this because, even though the doctor said she really "was not concerned", my mother and sister had biopsies in the past and they were at peace because they found out there was no cancer. However, they NEVER were forced to have a "clip" implanted in them. So I guess I'm the "lucky" one because on the day of my appointment, the technician sprung on me after I had undressed for the procedure that they would be implanting this "clip" in me. I stopped her right there and started asking questions because I was so confused and concerned - I didn't know what she was talking about and I still do NOT know why its necessary to extort women into letting them implant these things. Anyway, three technicians kept trying to convince me that there was nothing wrong with the clip and that everything would be fine and even the doctor came in to try to convince me that the clip is "safe". But I kept refusing because, aside from the fact that they did not reveal this to me previously even though I had specifically asked them what the procedure would be prior to my appointment, the fact that I felt I was being blackmailed into letting them do it made me very nervous and scared. I really felt like I was in the twilight zone in that office because they just kept on trying to pressure me into getting it. Finally the doctor told me she refused to perform the biopsy if I did not allow her to implant the chip and that's when I said I was leaving. I asked them to put into writing that they refused to perform the biopsy because I refused to allow them to implant a clip, but they refused to do it. To this day, I feel traumatized by the experience in addition to the fact that now I am worried that its possible that I have cancer and I have no alternative way to find out because somehow the law is allowing these hospitals and doctors to FORCE women into getting this clip - a clip which in fact is NOT at all relevant to the diagnosis. I am 100% convinced that someone is seriously profiting from this at the expense of the women who are subjected to it. And I have lost all respect for this hospital, if not the medical "business" in general. If its a liability issue, then they should allow women to sign a waiver. But I am seriously scared and disgusted by the fact that there do not seem to be any legal ramifications for this kind of practice. I mean, I thought we lived in the United States where Freedom is supposed to be paramount. Instead, I feel like I am in some crazy 3rd world country where the citizens have no voice and are being refused life-saving tests that they were told they had to get to begin with. What in the world is going on? Currently, I am desperately searching for a doctor/hospital that will perform biopsies without requiring a clip, but so far I have not found one. It is also extremely disconcerting that this seems to only and mostly be performed on women and without their consent. Please something!

Anonymous said...

Thank you to everyone for sharing your very personal experiences. You've helped me make a tough decision. I just got off the phone & they DID tell me bout the marker...which I then made her repeat herself. What are they gonna do, tag me then release me back into the wild?!? I'm 40, had one mammogram...then a 2nd & now they want the biopsy. Sorry folks but I think I'll be waiting since I'm rather sure it's just calcification & they wanna jump the gun since it's my first mammos & they have no others to compare to. Btw, I have NO family history of ANY Cancer including breast...I'm not high risk. I am, however, so very sorry for anyone who is. This is truly frightening. They're doctors, they're supposed to help us so what the hell?!? Love to you all!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose to have biopsy tomorrow with titanium chip I want the biopsy no chip , I'm refusing this marker ...This should be mandatory to have foreign metal in your breast if you don't not getting the chip after reading these comments no way.

Jessica said...

Wow. I just had a biopsy last week and had a clip inserted. No one said a word about it until the moment they put it in my boob. So Bizzare.

Anonymous said...

Been a few yrs and I get itching from time to time and I have pain and stiffness in my body. Going to look into getting removed . I think its causing my pain

Kathy Chiu said...

I had a biopsy last week & the clip inserted. A rash showed up around the incision area since then. At first I thought it was from the bandaid but it is now has been 4 days since I took off the bandaid & I still have the rash. I had been dizzy from day 1 of biopsy & the itching is getting worse. My only solution right now is to take antihistamine & steroid cream. I need to find someone to get the clip out for me.

Anonymous said...

I had an almost identical experience as the person who commented January 9, 2016 @ 11:24. I was so upset although I didn't let it show. I am still haunted by the fact that I have this foreign substance in my body and was not given ANY prior warning or alternative option...not even the opportunity to opt out. Who gave them the authority to control our bodies in this way? How do we not have the option to wave of opt out of the procedure. I challenge the medical profession to give us the option to agree to the procedure or not. To all those dealing with the the mammoth disease, cancer (and other life threatening diseases), may God grant you comfort, peace of mind, and give you and all who love and care for you, the wisdom needed to deal with what you're going through. Psalms 62:6-8; Isaiah 33:24. <3

Annie Finch said...

I was also not told about the clip until the last second. I had no time to research or think about it. It hurt and then it was ok and now it is hurting again after 2-3 years, pulling and burning and i really want it out of me.
1. Has anyone here had it successfully removed? What was it like and does insurance cover it?
2. Does anyone know of a class action lawsuit? I would like to join one. It seems very appropriate given the pain and expense. I am furious about this.


Anonymous said...

My name is Sara, three years ago my life changed forever as a result of a breast biopsy.

The problem for me didn't turn out to be cancer. The problem was two tiny pieces of titanium, shaped like a breast cancer ribbon. No bigger than twin seasame seeds these little pieces of metal kicked off an autoimmune tsunami in my body which resulted in severe pain and burning in my breasts, rapid heartbeat, unexplained life-threatening symptoms and an inability to do my job or the strength to grip my dog's leash.

To do this story justice, I have to give you all the details (which would take a long time). Let me just say that any foreign object implanted in your body has the potential to cause side-effects. For me, breast biopsy markers spurred two dangerous chronic diseases. I hope that if you are experiencing something similar with a medical device you will continue to trust your own instincts and fight to resolve the issue. As the doctor who finally, heroically, removed these little suckers from my breasts said, "You know your body best." I highly recommend you refuse the markers, and if you already have them, do whatever you have to do to have them removed.

I had mine successfully removed, but not before battling with 4 or 5 doctors to convince them what was happening with me. My advice, simply meet as many doctors as you need to to get a yes. I did find a place in another state that would do the procedure for around $3000 (without insurance). Don't waste your time arguing with a doctor who doesn't believe you. It is not worth the time. You will find someone, just keep marching.

One excellent doctor in IL has had patients benefit from removing titanium staples was willing to remove the markers for me. Here is the article he and his colleagues wrote. Adverse Reactions to Titanium Staples in a Patient Following Cholecystectomy Posted on 9/01/11 by Dr Frederick M Tiesenga MD FACS, Dr Jenny Wang MD, Christina Crews MS, NP-C

You can find the doctor who will help you. And then you can start to heal. In the meantime stay furious, this whole thing is a bleeping racket.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

OMG!!!! I KNEW it I am constantly in pain, wasn't before at all, until the abnormal mamm
ogram, I am freaking out now more than ever, doctor says to me, no pain no gain, when I tried to explain the constant pain and uncomfortable feeling that I have had for almost a year now, can't sleep on my stomach no longer, which has caused me a great deal of endless sleepless nights, can't pick up my 6 yr. old child, and it hurts to even try and do simple things like folding laundry, mopping, or stretching!! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT LADIES!!! I do not want to live like this for the rest of my life, or any other woman either!!!!! MEN DOCTORS MAKE ME SICK!!!

Annie Finch said...

I notice a lot of women on this thread are at around the 3-year mark, like me. For the first year I was waiting to "get used to it," for the second year I was wondering why I hadn't gotten used to it, and by the third year I was getting mad. It's been 3 1/2 years since I had the clip put in, and now I'm really mad. I feel distracting, steady pain and burning which makes it impossible to relax, and I have a constant black and blue mark right where the clip is.

Yesterday I had a thermogram (a wonderful, noninvasive alternative to mammograms--check it out ladies!), and the thermogram proved that there is tension and irritation on the spot. With the thermogram as proof and hopefully the support of a doctor of integrative medicine, I am going to try now to get insurance coverage to have it removed. Would love any advice anyone has on this.

Even if I get insurance coverage I think a lawsuit would be completely appropriate for the 3 1/2 years of pain, the stress, the insult, and the injury of the way this clip was sprung on me at the extreme last moment when i had no chance to think about it or talk to anyone or do any research. It is so insulting. It is the way patriarchy treats Mother Earth as well--as if they can just dump poison into the woman's body and she won't notice or mind. It is time to stand up for ourselves. Does anyone know a good feminist lawyer who would take this on?

Annie Finch said...

Update: I called the cancer center that put the clip in, and they just called me back. I described my experience, and they were nice and took me seriously and seem to ok with removing it. They said they aren't sure if they can take it out with the biopsy machine, it may need to be taken out surgically. They didn't know about insurance coverage, but they didn't laugh at me or anything, so so far so good.

Unknown said...

I totally agree! I said the same thing especially since I was not told or given an option to refuse the chip. We are being tested on just like the poor cancer patients in the government's cancer mansions. There is a John's Hopkins blog where women are talking about their procedures on a daily basis. I don't trust none of the doctors & I want this microchip out. They can shove their mark of the beast where the sun doesn't shine.

Mar said...

I agree that we should start a class action lawsuit. I want this hunk of metal out now. I can't stand the pain anymore, it's been two years or more. I feel like I'm having a heart attack sometimes so who knows if this thing has moved into my heart.

Mar said...

I'm trying to research on how to get this evil thing removed. I'm going to ask someone on the Truth About Cancer Facebook page or website, hopefully they can help all of us. All of this they put us thru is for money & the fools that work for these quacks need to do research & expose this fraud. I think they are microchips because no sane human wants the mark of the beast.

Sherrys videos said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sherrys videos said...

I just had a biopsy the end of December 2016. My Dr did not tell me about this titanium clip part of the procedure until it was actually being done...(step 4). If they had told me previously i would have had opportunity to to research this...that's why they don't tell you!!!
i am getting headaches and feel drained and nausea all the time and my breast hurts. I'm afraid its this titanium clip. I agree....we should all file suit. This is horrendous. They should not be allowed to do this at least without first doing allergy testing...oh well do it and test later???? Please!!!! Im ready to file suit..please count me in!

noha uweis said...

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Annie Finch said...

Just a note to say that after visiting the breast center about the pain from the clip, they told me they think the pain is actually caused by some new calcifications that have come back in the same spot where the clip is. However, my doctor says the clips do bother people, and also the pain didn't go away and come back--it has been basically the same kind of feeling on and off ever since they put the clip in--so I still think it could be the clip. Either way, I am going to have surgery to take out the clip and the calcifications. And I encourage anyone else who is having discomfort to try to have it taken out. Also, I learned that what I thought was a black and blue mark is actually a vein!

Unknown said...

I am suing a hospital for lack of informed consent as to the titanium marker prior to the biopsy. Could I get more specific info about the article and the costs. You can email me at dianahunting@aol .com. I appreciate this so much. Diana

Diana said...

Would you be so kind to let me know the cost to remove the marker and other details? I am suing the hospital that did not inform me and am collecting data and research. Please contact me at and put titanium marker in the subject line. Thank you!

Diana said...

Hi Annie. I am suing the hospital that didn't inform me the titanium marker would be inserted during the biopsy and I am gathering any info which will help my case. If I prevail I will begin a class action suit. My email is

Annie Finch said...

Thank you Diana, I have replied to that address. Glad you are moving forward.

Vicki said...

I had biopsy which was negative but they put the supposedly titanium chip in. I didn't connect the dots at first but thought I had poison ivy or something. Was on steroids on and off for over a month. I finally boiled it down to the market. They surgically removed it yesterday and I no longer itch. The rashes are already fading.

Anonymous said...

I suffered through a horrendous mammogram and ultrasound last year that left me with burning and tingling sensations for close to a year. They disfigured my breasts and gave me stretch marks where I had never had them before. My ultrasound yielded "something" on my right breast that the radiologist thought "could be something," and pressured me tremendously to have the biopsy right then and there, clip included. He told me I had "really good insurance" and that everything would be covered. (, they wouldn't, as it turns out. They didn't even cover the ultrasound!) Since I am allergic to titanium, I asked if I could have the biopsy without the clip being put in. Of course, he said no. So, I told him that I wouldn't be having the biopsy until I did more research on its benefits and drawbacks and spoke with my doctor. He could not believe that I was not going to simply do what he told me. He pressured me again to have it done----not because he was that concerned for my health, but because he had "time available" and that I had "good insurance." The front desk, when I left, pressured me as well. A follow up
phone call the next day pressured me to come in and have the procedure done. I hadn't had time to speak with my doctor about what was going on. They told me I didn't need to! It was absolutely infuriating and disgusting how many times this clinic attempted to get me to submit to this procedure. I have no history of cancer in my family, and I will not be treated as body parts that exist only to make them more profit. I did speak with the head of the clinic about the mammo tech, the ultra sound tech, the radiologist and the constant and harassing stream of phone calls, all pressuring me to have this procedure done. Everything in my gut was screaming not to have it done, and I still haven't. Unfortunately, my job's health insurance "wellness program" requires me to have a mammogram every year, or our premium will go up over 30%. I am not certain what I am going to do this.

Annie Finch said...

OMG I totally empathize! Good for you for sticking with your gut. It is absolutely obscene of your job to require you to have a mammogram every year --it makes me livid. Here's an article that would support your position

Maybe, while you are waiting for them to catch up to the 21st century, you could find a supportive Integrative doctor who will understand your perspective and experience, and maybe they could write you a "doctor's note" that would excuse you from the mammogram requirement?

For wider context, here's an illuminating article that may be of interest to all on this thread:

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Annie. I am the poster above your comment who you very kindly responded to. I will definitely take a look at the links you posted.

Walsh Mark said...

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john smith said...

The initial thoughts of having a permanent nose job then crossed my mind and I started to do some subtle research on plastic surgery ever since. Sarah Wayne

Nikki said...

Ok, I am feeling very good about refusing the clip now. I was told during the scheduling of the biopsy that the clip would be inserted, but said it was my decision. On the day of my procedure I told the doctor I did not want the clip. To this statement I was asked for my reasons (I didn't want something foreign in my body and I didn't think it was necessary). The doctor then proceeded to lecture me about why I needed to get the clip. I still said I didn't want it. She pushed again. I said fine, but I wanted it in writing that I did not want it and was concerned about potential side effects. And like that it was dropped and she did the procedure without it.
Stick with your gut ladies!

Anonymous said...

Anyone reading this, DON'T get the marker. I wish I had never had the biopsy at 39. Of course, they found nothing. I have dense breasts. Caused me a lot of pain and I got very sick after, I believe from lowered immunity. Or who knows, maybe the damn marker. My right side is very week now, 8 years later. I never go for mammograms. I feel it is a racket to make money. They raised the age to 50 anyway. I'm still angry when I think of it and really want the marker gone. If I had known before what it would entail, I would've said no. They charged me something like 5000 dollars for an unnecessary extremely painful, bloody, bruising biopsy. What I later realized was fear of malpractice if they didn't biopsy me. I wish I'd never had the baseline mammogram. People may think this a foolish thing, but I feel my body was butchered. Unless you have the gene or in your family, don't get the biopsy. I would love to sue them all. UNNECESSARY! Wish I had known!

Daniela said...

Hello, I wonder if some kind soul in this forum can help me. I am trying to find a surgeon who can remove a titanium marker from my breast asap, due to problems in the lymphatics system. I am otherwise healthy.If you know of any surgeon, can you please post his/her name and possibly the cost of the procedure (without insurance)? I would be very grateful for any help anybody could provide. Stay well and avoid markers, unless they are absolutely necessary. Personally I will avoid mammography as well and do thermography screenings instead. Daniela

paul joyice said...

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Stacie said...

I'm so sorry for you pain and illness !I am now a victim ' and want it out. Could you tell me what doctor will remove it ? Thank you ! And my best to you !

Anonymous said...

) Has anyone else experience this has with time gotten worse and nothing helps to clear it up, I have tried everything..

Anonymous said...

The rash is under both breasts and started after I had marker clips placed in both is painful and itchy.

S Bu said...

What hurts? My whole body hurts
Like i have spranged every muscle or bone in my body.y boobs do not hurt at all. But my whole body hurts. After i sit for a bit i can’t hardley get up, i feel like i have arthritis all over but was tested and i don’t. This all happens after i had mine place. About 2 weeks after and just keeps getting worse. I’m in pain everyday

Missy said...

I had a sterio tactic biopsy almost 3 weeks ago avd since than I have had severe joint pain in my hands feet and hips back. I also have had 2 severe face rashes and I had a fever once. A year ago I had 6 medical clips removed from my abdominal that had been placed there while getting an emergency appendectomy in January 2011. I still have 2 medical clips in me they are adhered to my intestinal wall and I'm having many digestive issues. I think I am allergic to titanium when I had the 6 clips removed I felt better. I also had bread implabts explanted on January 2017 I was feeling much better after having those toxic bags removed up until 3 weeks ago when this titanium clip was put in. I know it's making me sick my allergies are so horrible I can't even breath right. My body is completely rejecting it.I told the surgeonthst I think I am having a reaction to it because I had 6 medical clips removed and I felt a lot better. He tells me it's approved by the FDA I told him I don't trust them. I had breast implants that were approved by the FDA too and for 23 years I was sick and still battling my health issues. I told the dr did you ever see commercials about all the so called "safe" drugs that caused death and perminant injury and lawyers are representing these victims to go after companies? Of course he won't go against Big Pharma that's he's money maker. So now I just need this titanium clip removed. Oh and since the past 3 weeks I had this clip airport security goes off and every single store alarm I set off. At first it was amusing now it's just embarrassing me.

Missy said...

I'm feeling the same exact way! I had my sterio tactic biopsy 3 weeks ago and it's horrible I need this out of me!

Missy said...

Omg I had the biopsy and they put this titanium clip in me I want it out ! It's 3 weeks I'm in severe pain. You are correct I felt pressured because my mom and 2 aunts had breast cancer so I'm high risk. I also just had breast implants removed in January which I was sick from them for 23 years abd found out that they were the reason why I was so sick. Your right out rights to our own bodies are being taken away. Why can't they just do the biopsy without that cliip cause big Pharna is making tons of money. I learned FDA is a hoax and lies. It's about money not being healthy. The agenda is to make people sick so they can make more money putting people on meds and killing off people for population control.Anything you put in your body that is not suppose to be there your body will reject and respond to the toxic materials in a negative way. I feel like such a fool that I allowed then to put this marker in my breast. I was scared my aunts both died from breast cancer.

Missy said...

You are right ! It's about making money what a bunch of godless immortal agenda tgstcis going on.I have 2 medical clips that need to be removed from my intestinal wall; they were in my abdominal but moved and now are adhered to intestine. I am getting this titanium clip removed right away. I'm calling any dr to remove it. I spent 23 years with stupid breast implants that made me sick not goijng to stay sick. This is evil what they are putting in each and every one of us woman. These clips should be banned.

Anonymous said...

I sure as hell can. After having it implanted when they were not supposed to I got a burning sensation through my whole body. It was encapsulated as stage two cancer. However not after that was done the burning sensation followed metastis and further resulting in almost death for me.

Unknown said...

I'm hoping I get a reply...I had my clips put in in 7/21/17...ok I found out I had cancer...both breast was biopsy and fibroid cyst in the left triple negative in the right.i want though chemo 5 and months ..just had surgery..I choose a double mastectomy with nipple sparing..I had surgery last week I went back for my check up..and was told to go over on the hospital side for an ultrasound of my right breast...after hours of looking for it I was than informed that the tissue that the pathologist receive did not include the clamp or markings from the biopsy..but but the left breast which was the best that did not have the cancer clearly still have markings and place... Surgeon even surgeon even a a mammogram..and don't see the doctor is saying she vacuum it up

Unknown said...

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Robbi SELLERS said...

Everyone on this thread thank you so much. I learned last week that I must have a biopsy. They explained the procedure and mentioned the titanium clip/marker. About 5 years ago, I got a nose ring and they advised me to get titanium and how it was the best (more expensive of course)heals well, blah blah blah. I ended up with a bump on my nose near the hole, granuloma or something. Dermatologist wanted to do a procedure and everything. Googled it, read the stories of others and learned that I only needed to switch the ring to gold and like magic the bump went away. That experience, made me wonder about the titanium clip. Would it do the same thing? And inside of my body no less. Googled it, and find all of these posts about reactions to the clips and most of all this blog. Bless you! Thank you! You have probably saved me a lot of time, money and heart ache. I will demand that my doctor find me a different procedure.

Anonymous said...

My primary physician and a second opinion physician have recommended that I have a biopsy. I have been informed that I have to have a titanium chip inserted in my breast. I don't want one. Does anyone know if there is an alternative marker for a biopsy? I also believe I have a nickel allergy and these chips have nickel.