Saturday, June 30, 2012


Its been awhile since I last posted my own words. I am doing awesome, the question is how are you all. Each day I reach out to all of you through my blog to have you question what is happening to us. I am not a doctor nor do I practice being one, but I am a caring person that has managed my own cancer with the help of passionate doctors.

I have posted through out my journey and the healing progress of my illness all about preventing cancer and other diseases naturally. With hard work and research I have gained a lot of knowledge on how our bodies with the proper intake can cure its self. The main ingredient is the food we eat. I know you are getting tired of hearing this, but it is true. We are what we eat! I have learned this the hard way. One step that I took this past couple of years was a lifestyle food change. I am sure glad I did, it not only saved my life, but helped me be a more grounded person.

Another step in the right direction is to change the way of thinking on chemicals. What we kill to protect our crops, what we bath in, what we drink, and what we put on our bodies will cause many types of illnesses. It is a known fact that it does cause cancer. There are ways to keep bugs off of our crops, there are organic products that we can use that do not have poison in them, and we can control what water we drink.

Mediation along with prayer also is part of a healing process. With the proper spiritual guidance you can overcome any impossible outcome. There is this saying that I keep in my thoughts that nothing is impossible if you believe in what you do.

I am reaching out through this blog so people that are going through what I went through or knows someone that is can gain knowledge before they make a choice that will cost part of their life or all of it. I hope that this is truly helping people with their decision making.

Knowledge is power and through my treatments I was blessed with a positive outcome and will continue to share any updates that come up along with sharing articles and information to better ones health naturally.

Enjoy life to the fullest , stop and smell the roses for you only have here on earth once.

Until next time……

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