Thursday, December 27, 2012


Hello, well another year is ending and one is starting as we enter 2013. I would like to wish all of you a healthy and peaceful year ahead.

This year my older sister Linda and I got together to create a delicious organic Christmas Dinner. I would like to thank Marcie Mendez for providing the food we were able to have for our meal. THANKS TO CO-OPS.

The main dish was the turkey, organic and plump with juices that were out of the world. My nephew carved it just right with a perfect setting at their home . The trimmings of a giant salad with everything but the kitchen sink, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, fresh spinach, cranberry sauce, stuffing, and red wine. The best news of all it was all organic!!!

I even made organic, gluten free deserts. My taste buds enjoyed the chocolate cake and chocolate chip walnut cookies.

It is possible to be healthy and with research and knowledge able to keep it cost efficient. There are food co-ops that are in your area, it just takes a little research and you would be surprised how cheap it can be. You will notice the different taste between foods that are tainted with poisons via organic foods. GO GREEN.

Here are some pictures from my wonderful Christmas dinner.

My all of you gain the knowledge of keeping healthy and fear no more of the uncertainly of our foods and chemicals that we are using. IT’S THE POWER THAT YOU WILL GAIN THAT WILL KEEP YOU HEALTHY.


Wealth, what is it? Many of us are wealthy
in numerous ways although we simply do not
recognize it. Enjoy the wealth you already
have in your family and friends, in your
health, in your freedom, in your knowledge,
and most importantly, in yourself. 




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