Thursday, December 6, 2012


Merry Christmas

I am this year!

Changes throughout

This year, But through

It all I have experienced

Breath taking and priceless

Experiences. I have met some

Wonderful people along the way.

I have been


Once upon a time one November day, I decided to get my hair cut during one of our travels to California. It was a place that we had never been before and we got to visit some dear old friends. While they were at work Dan and I looked in the telephone book to see what hair salon was near by. This one ad stood out and I called, but they were unable to give me a price until they saw what needed to be done.

Well, instead of calling other salons in the neighborhood Dan and I walked to her shop. The person that I met at the countertop Dwainia, I will never forget. This day I was not only blessed with a wonderful hair cut, but with words of wisdom. Instead of being there for a hair cut I was also there for soul searching. This day changed my life for I met this person that had so much energy and lightened up my life. Through this experience I would like to share some wisdom that she gave to me about our energy. Along the pathway be mindful of our thoughts. As we walk, we think. Our thoughts guide our steps, the steps along the pathway. Be mindful for there are stones, loose stones we may not see. Be mindful you don’t slip and fall. Guard your thoughts like precious jewels, for precious jewels they are. We have been given the ocean for us to fuel our bodies with water and food and the air to breathe along with its fragrance of beauty. The land in which we walk on and the awe of wonder that captures our minds.

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May this year ahead bring this energy of wonder back in our lives through the journey of our thoughts to the reality of ones mind. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.





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