Sunday, December 16, 2012



It’s the holidays again and a celebration of joy and peace. I have a lot to celebrate for this marks two years that I was diagnosed with breast cancer. If you have been following my journey, you can see that through the years I have been honest and spelled my life across the internet. The purpose was to educate and let you know that there are options out there for treatments that do not have side effects. I not only shared Dan’s and my experience, but also expressed other forms of treatments that work. Along with what we can do to manage cancer and I have shared what we can do to prevent cancer and other illnesses.

As I look back through the posts on the blog, I have been very humble to say that I have managed my cancer and will continue to follow my new lifestyle. It’s all about maintaining and keeping this horrible illness in coming back.

So this year I am giving the gift of knowledge and would like to celebrate the work of my doctor ~ Dr. Perez. The passion that drew me to functional medicine will allow me to share the process of what other countries have to offer in treatments.

May this New Year bring you peace and understanding of the whole picture and not just what is in your little corner.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

Sheryl Malin

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