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Fiona M. | I took a leap of faith and WOW…
New York, NY
Tell us a little bit about yourself...
I am 40 years old. I was born in Scotland, raised in an English village. Came here to study and stayed. I live with my husband in Connecticut, and divide my practice between there and New York.
I am now primarily a full-time shaman, trained in the Inca tradition. I love the work. I started a shamanic practice as soon as I began my training. I am also a sometime college admissions coach, Shakespeare scholar, and published author.
I love to learn, read, and teach what I have learned. Teaching seems to be my life's mission, with whatever I am learning. I love to open people's minds. Right now I am learning about organic gardening, planting forest gardens, and creating land trusts. I spend a wonderful amount of time walking our yellow Labrador on the playing fields every day. I'm teaching him how to play soccer.
What were your family’s views on health when you were growing up?
The Scottish eat sugar, fat, flour, and meat—preferably all together. Meat pies. No vegetables. Then there were the English, who boil their vegetables to death. I thought Chinese food was health food. In high school, I had a simple diet: chocolate egg and a bag of crisps for a snack, and a bag of chips swimming in vinegar for lunch—every day. It wasn’t unusual for me to have cake for breakfast.
I first got sick in college—a whole semester of flu I couldn’t shake. Then I spent a year in the Soviet Union, where the only fresh vegetables were moldy cabbages. I survived on black bread, processed cheese, and apples. When I came down with chronic constipation, I was flown back to England, given a barium enema, and told to eat more bran. I got my first diagnosis: Irritable Bowel Syndrome. For years I ate bran, which worked until it didn’t. In my third year of being a professor, I got infectious colitis from an antibiotic and almost died. I was out sick for two years. I went to a nutritionist, who put me on the Atkins diet. I ate no sugar, flour, or wheat for two years. But I ate a lot of meat. That was when I found the lump in my breast one morning. I was better from the colitis, but now I had cancer.
What brought you to Dr. Schulze?
I’m a world—class researcher in my field, so when I got diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2006, I went out there and made holistic healing from breast cancer my new subject. I got on the web and the phone and asked anyone who would respond what they knew. I investigated Laetrile, macrobiotics, Vitamin C, Rife machines, apricot kernels, parasite cleanses, Cesium, even pomegranate seeds. I learned enough to confirm that I could heal from breast cancer without the surgery. But I needed to talk to real women who had done it. I needed to know I wasn’t the first and that these were not just internet crackpots.
I found a discussion board on natural healing and posted a request for anyone who knew about natural healing for breast cancer. One person—now my good friend—responded to my message. I called her that night and we have been fast friends since. She was like an encyclopedia. She had healed from breast cancer eight years ago, naturally. A friend drove me upstate to her house to meet this woman off the web and she sat me down at her kitchen table and handed me a stack of books and videos. I left her house with the entire eight-video set of Dr. Schulze’s Incurables Program and strict instructions to get it back to her by Monday.
What products/programs did you use?
I set the tapes running on Saturday morning and lived with Dr. Schulze for an entire weekend. By the end of the weekend, I was on his program. All of it. I did the hot and cold showers, did yoga while watching the tapes, ran on the spot, and started juice fasting. I ordered the Incurables Program and held my breath until it arrived. I did that Incurables Program with every ounce of my energy. I got rid of a third of my belongings. I did the hot and cold showers. I juice fasted for 21 days of the program and ate all raw for the rest. I listened to his tapes. I took the Intestinal Formulae and did six weeks of Liver and Kidney Cleanses. I ran, and when I couldn’t run, I bounced on a trampoline. I slept with the windows wide open. Some days I had to drag myself up the stairs, but I gave it my full shot. Whenever the herbs tasted bitter or I wanted cake, I reminded myself that this was better than chemo, better than no breast. I told my friends I was doing “herbal chemotherapy."
What were your results after using the products and programs?
In Week Two of doing the Incurables Program, my lump started to shrink. It started out the size of a golf ball and the consistency of a marble. Rock hard. Every day, as I massaged in the shower, it shrank underneath my fingers. I thought it was maybe a fluke. I called my friend and said, “I’m not sure, but I think it’s shrinking.” In that week it shrank like crazy. In Week Four I did the Liver Cleanse again, and again it shrank on a daily basis. I just did another Liver Cleanse a couple of weeks ago, and the last vestiges of the lump dissolved away. It’s amazing.
How do you feel now?
I ask myself: Can I be this lucky, to heal from breast cancer by drinking carrot juice, while my friends’ wives are getting their breasts cut off? But I did something different. I took a leap of faith, with the support of my friend and Dr. Schulze. All I did was take two weeks to do my own research, and it changed my life. I didn’t do radiation. I didn’t do chemo. I didn’t have the surgery. I have both breasts intact. My breast is soft as butter now. My friends tell me I look fabulous. Strangers stop me on the train and ask me about my skin. My eyes shine. People tell me I look 10 years younger. Not bad side effects, and I’ll take them.

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