Monday, May 4, 2015



Thinking back to when we were a child, do you remember ever having a pet turtle?  Well, it hit me the other week and how much I wanted to go back to those days and enjoy my pet turtle.  So off to the pet store I went and there were turtles and supplies for them.  I was overjoyed with laughter for now I have my pet turtle.  The pet store clerk gave me a brief lesson on how to take care of them. I purchased two plus a little aquarium (like a bowl that I had when I was a child with a palm tree and steps for them to get out of the water.) He told me that the turtles will only live up to five months.


Life is like this; you sometimes begin what you intend to do prior to doing the research.  I went home after and did some research and saw that the turtles needed a bigger home and healthy foods. The small bowls are called death bowls.  I learned what to do to keep them around for a long time with a quality of life.  I went back to the pet store and got a larger aquarium with healthier food and even a filter.  Now, I know that my turtles will be happier. They are able to swim and exercise with more room to enjoy life.

My last cry for help is about sharing what I have learned with my experiences with cancer and much like my turtles trying to educate the public on what other treatments that are out there without side effects.  We go to the doctor and he tells us we have cancer and without researching we believe what he says and go along with it because others do and the insurance will only pay for what he says.  This is why I am doing this petition, because I know that there are other types of treatments that work and are not paid by the insurance companies.  I want others to have this quality of life without cut, burn or poison and side effects.  Please join me and lets change the mode of chemo and radiation for they are still experimenting on us with this type of treatment, why not be experimenting with other ways without side effects and have the insurance companies pay for those .

Research and remember that knowledge is power, so until we change the way of treatments, people will suffer with the side effects and chemicals that are given to them.  With the numbers each day that die of cancer, these may be your friends, family or even you some day.  Let’s change this and stand up with me and sign this petition and make a difference.  You are a drop, but together we are an ocean.

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