Sunday, June 7, 2015



As another year goes by here in Mexico, I face challenges that we all have every day and this is called life.  Dan and I are approaching a third year living abroad with peace of mind.  Still we are questioned on how safe it is.  Well, the only explanation I can give is that it’s just like the USA.  There are good areas and areas that you would not travel through in both countries.  There are bad people everywhere and you need to be aware of where they are.  My advice is Mexico as a whole is a fabulous place.  The people are God’s gift to the earth and the environment is wonderful to heal from any kind of disease.  Where we live there is a lot to offer.  Most people do not really know that there are several American Vets that live abroad here in Mexico and they have the American Legions here.

Another plus is that most all can speak English and understand what your needs are.  I go to an organic market to buy my food each week, plus there are local shops that have gluten free products as well. The biggest part of the puzzle are the prices.  We are living on a retirement income.  Our budget includes supplements to prevent our cancer from coming back plus helping our daughter with her student loans. Another piece to the puzzle is Dan has ten stents in his heart. Did you know that the stents really only last up to ten years.  We found this out only here in Mexico. Last year Dan had a checkup with our local physician here in Chapala.  His heart had blockages where the previous stents were.  This meant more money!!!  Even if Dan went back to America and had Medicare to help pay for some of the expense it would cost out of pocket at least $6,000.00, for it would be an outpatient service. Thank God for Mexico because we would not be able to survive in the USA and still enjoy life without the stress of bills.

So, I am saying that Mexico as a whole is safe and is just beautiful and I would recommend it for a place to visit or such as us, to live.   In the Lake Chapala area there are hot springs, mountain trails, coffee shops and wonderful restaurants with a history of fabulous art work.  Wherever you wake up you can see the sunset looking over the lake or town with the birds and animals all enjoying it by singing. 

It’s a blessing each year for cancer has been part of my awareness for the past five years and will always be part of my world. I do this by not only  keeping a prevention operation going, but to keep educating others on how we can control the disease by both the function of prevention and other factors in fighting it.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER and through the past five years I have been spreading the knowledge that I have learned.  My book I wrote is an eye opener on how one can think outside the box and control cancer without side effects.  It’s another option that I believe that our insurance companies should cover.  I know that most people would rather try another approach besides chemo and radiation if they did not have to pay for it as a total expense.  I know because I have asked others and they would have tried other options that did not have side effects.  In honoring my Aunt I have started a petition, my first step to control cancer and for others to have the quality of life I have without going bankrupt and suffering. 

Most of my family and friends are tired of hearing this, but it’s a passion that I have and will be there until there is a change in the way the business of cancer is being done.  My drive is seeing and hearing stories of thousands of people that are dealing with this illness and all the sadness that comes out of it.  It’s a war that we do not think about and is not being won, right under our noses.  We all talk about the war we are fighting and how the soldiers are protecting the USA, but where is the protection right in our home land.  We need the money spent wisely for education and training for the doctors on treating cancer.  So today please help me and sign and share this petition and give hope to not just the American people, but for all nations to make cancer a past problem and create a better environment for our children to live in.

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