Saturday, June 20, 2015


Tomorrow is Father's Day
For nearly forty years ago my dad ( Sam Surdi) has been with me in spirit.  I have felt his presence surrounding me as I grew to become a women.  He has been missed not only by me , but the rest of the family.



Through his love and sacrifices to make life better for his children and wife, I honor him today with my compassion of spreading other methods to fight cancer without side effects.  Please join me in this quest to make a stand and change cancer forever.   

I need much more signatures to meet my goal and start action with our governments to fight for others that would like to choose other methods 
In memory of your loved ones that passed away from this disease, lets not forget them in vain and help support this cause.  I would also like to honor:
Sam Surdi
Nick Surdi
Camille Pursifull
Eugene Pursifull
Paul Surdi
Pete Surdi
Loretta Sudi
Mary Surdi
Thelma Malin
Ana Lopez



Who do you honor in memory of this horrible disease?



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