Friday, August 12, 2016


This was a life saver ~ Our testimonial on how Sky Med worked with our doctors here in Mexico and New York.

Three weeks ago the unthinkable happened to Dan my husband.  It was like any other Thursday, we got up and left to go to Guadalajara for a routine stress test at his cardiologist.  We have been doing this for the past three years since they placed two more stents in Dan, leaving all together 10.  Like always before we go to the office we make time to get breakfast.  Enjoying this time together and talking about everyday subjects we finished and began walking over to the office so as to be on time.

We had to wait just a little while and then Dan’s name was called.  Ready for the stress test, he walked and then walked very fast, everything seemed fine until he sat down in the chair near the doctor.  He was ready to check his blood pressure until Dan stated he felt like he needed a drink of water.  In a split of a second, Dan turned very pail and stated to go into confusions and then his eyes closed.  The doctor started CPR and both the doctor and I yelled for him to cough and to open his eyes.  While this was happening the doctor continued to do CPR.  After a period of time which seemed like forever he started to cough and then his eyes opened.

The doctor acted very fast, he called the Del Carmen Angeles hospital and within seconds they wheeled Dan into the ER.  Thank God Dr. Salas was there to react fast and got him stabilized He was then transferred to another hospital in Mexico where the doctors (Dr. Hernandez our family doctor and Dr. Salas Dan’s cardiologist) and Sky Med worked out plans for Dan to go to New York where our daughter lives.  My husband has Medicare and by the looks of things it looked really bad. So, since he has been paying on Sky Med the choice was to go to the states if any open heart surgery was needed.

The service was fabulous; I could not have had it any better.  My daughter worked with them from the US side and our doctors here in Mexico, which made it a pleasant flight.  The crew were wonderful and the timing to get to the hospital in Brooklyn was amazing.

I have to thank my doctors, daughter, and Sky Med for the quick attention.  I am glad that we chose to take out an insurance to be flown back to the states.

I recommend Sky Med highly; I rate them from the scale of 1 to 10 (10).

Coming back to Mexico was just as organized as going.  They set us up on a commercial flight back and all is well.

The results from all of this, Dan now has a chip placed in near his heart to monitor the heart beats to see what went wrong.


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