Friday, August 19, 2016


When my daughter was two her favorite word would be why.  Anything and everything that came out of her mouth was why and everything that came out of my mouth was because.  It’s much like into days’ world when I ask why cancer has not been managed as of yet and I get from doctors and professionals; because.  Not much has changed since I and my daughter’s terrible two’s.

In the result of always getting the same answer “BECAUSE”, I did my own research and found out on my own why and the conclusion without the because. We as a world need to ask more on why there is a because and not an answer.  For every situation there is a solution all you have to do is be open minded and use your mind to locate the information.  We can turn the “BECAUSE” into a noun instead of a verb.

I have created websites and blogs to do just that.  Ways to benefit our bodies completely (BODY, SOUL, and MIND) for it takes a full circle of our being to create a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Do not be the one to say because, be the one with the solution to the situation.

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