Wednesday, September 21, 2016

It's been 2119 Days or 5 years ~ 9 months ~ and 18 days

It’s been 2119 Days or 5 years ~ 9months ~ and 18 days

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Every day I am constantly dealing with change, which I call obstacles that surround my daily life.   From the beginning of conception, we all are faced with these so called obstacles.  Some of us can handle them with grace and others have a hard time making that adjustment.  As children we are faced with having someone take care of us by feeding, changing our diapers along with entertaining one from crying.  We all had faced those obstacles along with learning to crawl and walk and we had made it through those changes.

We overcome school years good or bad, those changes have molded us to where we are today.  Like the seasons of the year we face the obstacles and challenge the way we decide on how we are going to live.  I have been faced with other challenges in my life by the loss of my dad at an early age.  So when I received cancer in my early 50’s, I was faced with an obstacle that changed my life forever.  I began researching and focusing on why one gets it and battles with it.  In all my research it mostly comes down to this, the environment (products, food, energy) Body, Soul and Mind.

It’s up to us to follow our gut and change individually first and then show others whatever is out there so they can choose to better oneself.  Not everyone is going to make the right change, but if we do not show and prove that there are other ways to manage cancer and other diseases then there will not be a change.  Yes, there are obstacles in everything we do; however, if you learn by them others will profit by your actions.  There is this saying that I try to live by that goes like this: Remember there are no mistakes, only lessons, love yourself, trust your choices and everything is possible.  Throughout my life I have learned that with a positive attitude the change or obstacles that one faces are all up to you and how you handle it.

So, lets help me make a change and educate others on treatments, preventions and ways to manage cancer without poisons.  Check out my websites and goals for a greater future.  KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

" Know where to find the information and how to use it - That's the secret of success "
- Albert Einstein
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