Sunday, November 27, 2016

2017 Calendars

Since I was treated six years ago, from cancer, I have been educating on one big key to a successful healthy life, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.  Through my knowledge and learning from experts, I created a web site for the after care of any disease.  After all it all starts with your immune system and its what kind of foods that you fuel your bodies with.  So, I wanted to do something fun and at the same time be able to reach people.  Every week Dan and I go to an organic market to buy our products, while I pick them up my imagination becomes the best of me.  I come home and reorganize them on the table after cleaning them and make faces out of them.  For you see what you eat creates the cells that are being rebuilt, therefore that's what your face becomes.

I have created a calendar for 2017 with faces made out of my food that I purchase at the organic market.  This is in hopes to educate people while making it fun.  If you would like I am taking orders, just message me.

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