Thursday, November 10, 2016



Three weeks ago, Dan and I visited a clinic of which we have now become functional medicine counselors.  I was blown away with the program and was reunited with several people that were working where I was treated six years ago.  Dan and I are very humble to be able to continue to be part of these wonderful people. 

We got together with Daniel, who was the fabulous chef that cooked organic foods for Dan and I when we were being treated, along with Monica who also worked as a dietarian.  They took us to this little fishing village where Monica would go with her family for breakfast.  This was a treat for we never have been to a fishing village in Mexico, nevertheless for breakfast.

The experience was something from a movie, as we were watching the fishermen bringing in their boats with different kinds of sea life and displaying them for people to eat.  There was this fisherman that had just brought aboard some giant crabs, it just happened that we walked by him and Daniel asked if we would like this for breakfast.  Dan and I were just amazed with the size of theses crabs; we went over and shook the leg of this one crab that was moving.  Thanks to Monica for taking the pictures so we can look back at this enjoyable day.

While they were preparing our crab, there was a table of clams and oysters that we passed.  Monica asked if we would like to try one of them, of course you know Dan would not pass this experience up.  Monica would pick one up and like weighed it in her hands to see if it was a good one.  A lady would pry it open and chop the meat inside and made an instant ceviche with tomatoes, onions, cilantro and if we desired some spice.

They grilled the crab on the grill with just a little bit of butter along with a red snapper all dressed up with chopped tomatoes, onions, and herbs. 

When we were served, the waitress gave each of us a wooden cutting board along with a big rock.  Dan and I looked at one another wondering what to do next.  We have had crab at restaurants where they have given us a tool to crack it open and get the meat out.  But never did we ever get a rock to hit the legs to break it apart to get the meat out.  It was fun for the table kept going up and down while we were trying to break the crab apart.  I would suggest anyone to try this experience for if you are angry at something or someone this would get all your frustrations out.

I would love to thank Daniel and Monica for this wonderful experience and for their friendship.  They were there for me when I needed support as I was being treated for functional medicine when I had cancer.  Who would of thought that going to Mexico would be the best experience of Dan’s and my life.  Living here has made me feel full and having cancer made me realize that if I did not have it these amazing people would have not been in my life.  They say everything happens for a reason, I believe in this for I have been blessed with friendship, knowledge and good times.

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