Saturday, November 26, 2016


Hello, I am very concerned when I see and read daily posts of people suffering and dying of cancer.  It is hard when it affects you personally as to watch your family members go through this very same tragedy, so many I cannot count by hand. 

I remember almost six years ago today that I was told that I had breast cancer and the protocol they spoke to me about.  I had to stop and think and say to myself there has got to be a better way to fix this issue.  Through several hours of research by my husband and myself, we realized there are other options out there; however, they are not covered by insurance. 

Per the insurance companies the options are experimental and are not proven.  I bid them wrong, for there are studies out there regarding the type of treatments I have had, but the FDA does not want to see them.  To me the drugs and trials they are using are experimental and are affecting people with side effects.

Through my treatments, I have learned that with cancer we have to maintain by an aftercare.  For both my husband and I were Dx with cancer, we have challenged ourselves to a better life change.  One important key element that I gained was that disease cannot be when your immune system is strong.  With any disease, it all stems from your immune system.  The first issue my doctors addressed in Mexico was to build up my immune system.

The other options were how to fight what was attacking my body and through the knowledge of my Mexican doctors, that would be heat and oxygen, which kills cancer cells.  Cancer cells are smart so you have to use surprise by attacking them in all directions. Another type of treatment was taking my blood and multiplying my T cells and putting them back inside me, which acts like an army conquering the cancer cells.

I was afraid of cancer, but knowing that I can maintain myself without side effects and live a quality of life I no longer fear it.  I embrace the challenge to prevent any cancer cells that may be growing inside me by the life change that I committed myself to six years ago,

These days my husband Dan and I are Functional Medicine Counselors to a clinic, which one of the doctors that treated me continues to treat patients.  I am very humble to be able to give back the knowledge of spreading that there are other options out there, so do not give up hope.

I have created a web site with not only the treatment options, but the aftercare, which leans into another web site about how beneficial the right foods are for us.

Another key element is that processed sugar and wheat, cancer feeds on.  We as individuals need to be aware of what we eat and put on our bodies.  We live in a high-tech word, not like our grandparents lived in where everything was natural

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