Wednesday, March 23, 2011

☺░ H░ A░ P░ P░ Y░¸¸¸ ░ H░ U░ M░ P░¸¸¸░ D░ A░ Y░ ! ░☺

Today is going to be a plain day. The morning is starting out to be BLAH so I am just going to make plain old eggs and bacon with muffins. Heading to make organic coffee to wake myself up.

Okay, its time to put the bacon in the pan.

I feel like sunny side up eggs; however, you can have scrambled or however???
Check the turkey bacon and turn from side to side
After the bacon is done, its time to put the eggs in
As the eggs are cooking, put the muffins in the toaster. I do not ever use the microwave any more. DO NOT HAVE ONE.
For butter I use goats butter. Ready to eat~YUM!

Until tomorrow morning, I think I will make an egg sandwich. Have an awesome day.

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