Monday, March 7, 2011

Vitamin C and Cancer

Hello, Its Monday!  I thought today I would talk about one of the vitamin's that I have for my home program, vitamin C.

Today~ part of my recovery, I went to this park near where I live.  The sounds of nature and the texture some how seems to make me feel free. Check out these pictures ~ then close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by the sounds of birds and the leaves dropping on the ground.  Take yourself to this place and run free from all your stress.

Vitamin C and Cancer

Laboratory experiments indicate that Vitamin C inhibits the formation of carcinogenic compounds in the stomach, a finding supported in observational studies that have found increased dietary Vitamin C intake to be associated with decreased risk of stomach cancer.

Increased Vitamin C consumption is associated with reduced risk for most types of cancer. Multiple case-control studies have investigated the role of Vitamin C in cancer prevention, and most have shown that higher intakes of Vitamin C are associated with decreased incidence of cancers of the mouth, throat and vocal chords, esophagus, stomach, colon-rectum, and lung. One study that followed 870 men over a period of 25 years found that those who consumed more than 83 mg. of Vitamin C daily experienced a striking 64% reduction in lung cancer compared with those who consumed less than 63 mg. per day.

Studies conducted by Linus Pauling (Nobel Prize winning scientist, pioneer in the fields of quantum chemistry, molecular biology, and orthomolecular medicine) suggest that very large doses of Vitamin C (10 grams/day intravenously for ten days followed by at least 10 grams/day orally indefinitely) are helpful in increasing the survival time and improving the quality of life of terminal cancer patients.

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