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FIGHTING CANCER ~ some of my recipes

One of my passion’s is to spread the knowledge that I have received and experienced through my journey with breast cancer. I had to change some of my food habits and go organic. What way to heal my body, but to share some of my recipes with other cancer patient’s. As I have experienced , it can be fun and easy. Close your eyes and imagine colors and out of those colors ~ smells and then imagine what it would look like on a plate. That is what it should look like when you are ready to eat it.

Tea's Anticancer Potential
Even though the evidence is still spotty, tea, especially green tea, may be a strong cancer fighter. In laboratory studies, green tea has slowed or prevented the development of cancer in colon, liver, breast, and prostate cells. It also had a similar effect in lung tissue and skin. And in some longer term studies, tea was associated with lower risks for bladder, stomach, and pancreatic cancers
Grapes and Cancer
Grapes and grape juice, especially purple and red grapes, contain resveratrol. Resveratrol has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. In laboratory studies, it has prevented the kind of damage that can trigger the cancer process in cells. There is not enough evidence to say that eating grapes or drinking grape juice or wine can prevent or treat cancer.

The Mighty Bean
Beans are so good for you, it's no surprise they may help fight cancer, too. They contain several potent phytochemicals that may protect the body's cells against damage that can lead to cancer. In the lab these substances slowed tumor growth and prevented tumors from releasing substances that damage nearby cells
The Cabbage Family vs. Cancer
Cruciferous vegetables include broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, Brussels sprouts, bok choy, and kale. These members of the cabbage family make an excellent stir fry and can really liven up a salad. But most importantly, components in these vegetables may help your body defend against cancers such as colon, breast, lung, and cervix

Dark Green Leafy Vegetables
Dark green leafy vegetables such as mustard greens, lettuce, kale, chicory, spinach, and chard have an abundance of fiber, folate, and carotenoids. These nutrients may help protect against cancer of the mouth, larynx, pancreas, lung, skin, and stomach.

Protection From an Exotic Spice
Curcumin is the main ingredient in the Indian spice turmeric and a potential cancer fighter. Lab studies show it can suppress the transformation, proliferation, and invasion of cancerous cells for a wide array of cancers.

A Berry Medley With a Punch
Strawberries and raspberries have a phytochemical called ellagic acid. This powerful antioxidant may actually fight cancer in several ways at once, including deactivating certain cancer causing substances and slowing the growth of cancer cells.
                                                             Blueberries for Health
The potent antioxidents in blueberries may have wide value in supporting our health, starting with cancer. Antioxidants fight cancer by ridding the body of free radicals before they can do their damage to cells. Try topping oatmeal, cold cereal, yogurt, even salad with blueberries to boost your intake of these healthful berries.

I am taking you to my kitchen, Sherry’s Kitchen ~ lets have some fun and create some delicious dishes.

Why don’t we start with breakfast! I know when I get up in the morning, coffee is something that I move toward. My doctors told me that one cup of coffee is okay, but should be organic and not decaf. If you need some milk, the best substitute would be coconut milk or almonds milk.

GOOD MORNING, today I woke up thinking of the color yellow with red. What can we make with these bright colors? Well we can make a master piece that smells your whole house with a delightful odor.

It is an omelet! Who said that cancer patients can’t eat delicious foods!!! THE KEY WORD IS ORGANIC.

Now, I love to be creative and it does go with me to my kitchen. I like to make things without measuring or following directions, I just take things out and put them together. However, there are ingredients that are required for omelets; which one, would be eggs.
Ingredients :
For two people four organic eggs
Four pieces of organic uncured turkey bacon
½ of an organic red pepper
½ of an organic onion, any kind
A handful of organic mushrooms, any kind
A handful of almond cheese
Several drops of olive oil, or kemp oil, or coconut oil
A pinch of organic parsley, basil, sea salt and pepper
Three slices of organic tomato slices
Two large organic strawberries
Three organic blueberries

We can make cooking fun and easy with just one electric pan.

This is what I use!!

The first step that I normally start with is by putting a little bit of oil in the pan and wait a little bit before I put the turkey bacon in.
While you are cooking up the turkey bacon you start by preparing the mushrooms, red peppers, onions. Chop ~ Chop, the bacon should be done. Smell the air, its now time to place the mushrooms, red peppers and onions in the pan. The next step is to prepare the cheese, its best to have it shredded in little pieces.

While the vegetables are sautéing, this would be a great time to get the eggs out and beat them in a bowel. You may have time to take a bit of the organic coffee that is smelling up the kitchen. I know you are dying to have some.The vegetables should by this time be ready to be put in a bowl for later. Ok, its time to put the beaten eggs in the pan and let cook for just a couple of minutes and then add the vegetables along with the cheese and turkey bacon pieces ~ just two of them.
Allow for a few more minutes. Its ready for the dish. To make for a colorful dish as well as healthy add three slices of tomato’s on the plate with one piece of turkey bacon. For more color add three slices of strawberries and three blueberries. Wala, Its time to enjoy!!!



Fighting Cancer With Color
Fruits and vegetables are rich in cancer-fighting nutrients - and the more color, the more nutrients they contain. These foods can help lower your risk in a second way, too, when they help you reach and maintain a healthy body weight. Carrying extra pounds increases the risk for multiple cancers, including colon, esophagus, and kidney cancers. Aim for at least five servings a day, prepared in a healthy way.

More Folate-Rich Foods
Other good sources of folate are asparagus and eggs. You can also find it in chicken liver, beans, sunflower seeds, and leafy green vegetables like spinach or romaine lettuce. According to the ACS, the best way to get folate is not from a pill, but by eating enough fruits, vegetables, and enriched grain products

Cancer-Fighting Tomatoes
Whether it's the lycopene -- the pigment that gives tomatoes their red color -- or something else isn't clear. But some studies have linked eating tomatoes to reduced risk of several types of cancer, including prostate cancer. Studies also suggest that processed tomato products such as juice, sauce, or paste increase the cancer-fighting potential.

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