Sunday, May 22, 2011


Its been four days since we headed out to visit our daughter in New York. We were stopping in North Carolina to visit some friends, since it is half way. Well, surprise to all the car broke down and is waiting for a part to be delivered. Car will be done hopefully on Monday.

Since we left from home, our friends have put us up and we have been enjoying their company. The other day we adventured out to the beach and site seen the beauty of North Carolina. I would like to take this time and thank the

Cerniglia’s for showing us a wonderful time.

Until Monday, keep your fingers crossed for I am looking forward to seeing my daughter. New York here we come.

This journey is some what of a challenge. I have to adjust my food search and pills, but it is an adventure and am ready for what ever comes my way.

Hoping that everything goes okay on Monday with my car and it gets fixed. Until next time have a merry Sunday.

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