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What is the truth? Is it what the media says? Or even what our doctors tell us? We learn from a young age about trust and our parents tell us who and what to trust. But did we listen to them! The answers to all of the questions above are we have to listen more to our hearts. Since I was diagnosed with cancer, I have been searching and researching and found out that the only one that you can rely on is yourself. By doing research you will gain knowledge and be able to make your own mind up.

I have always took into account peoples opinions and did not take into account that we are only on this earth for a short time. We need to take control of what is good and what is not. I am very passionate
keeping people informed about what is around us, this is why I am doing this journal to show that there is another way we can take care of your health without harmful things. We can take care of ourselves without man made chemicals.

I am hoping that this will open up your mind to idea’s that you never thought of and change your ways. I know from where I sit that I have made changes that I never thought of and feel so much better about myself.

Please, join me in the fight to change
and go organic and stay away from processed foods and chemicals. So many diseases occur from these harmful products. We need to show that it is not all to do with the money, but the hearts of people. We are
each a drop of water, but together we are an ocean.

I am going back to Mexico in June for a booster treatment. The treatments consist of:

What is NK CELL Therapy:

The discovery of NK cells occurred in the early 1970s by Swedish professor Rolf Kiessling during research on the well-characterized ability of T-lymphocytes to lyse tumor cells against which they had been previously immunized. During these experiments, investigators consistently observed what was termed a natural reactivity, that is, a certain population of cells seemed to be able to lyse tumor cells without having been previously sensitized to them. As these discoveries were incompatible with the established model at the time, many of these observations were initially considered artifacts.

However, by 1973, 'natural killing' activity was established across a wide variety of species, and the existence of a separate lineage of cells possessing this ability was postulated. Through the use of
monoclonal antibodies, natural killing ability was mapped to the subset of large, granular lymphocytes known today as NK cells.

The cells were named "natural killer" because of the initial notion that they do not require activation in order to kill cells that are "missing-self" recognition ("missing-self" recognition is a term used to describe cells with low levels of MHC class I cell surface marker molecules — a situation that could arise due to viral infection, or in tumors under strong selection pressure of killer T cells).

With the discovery of activating receptors almost two decades after the discovery of the inhibitory receptors these cells continue to be called by the same name, though “natural” no longer means the same thing. The term “natural killer” continues to be justified by:

morphology characteristic of activated cytotoxic lymphocytes, large size, high protein synthesis activity in the abundant endoplasmic reticulum (ER), and preformed granules

the mature state (does not require much new
protein synthesis and remodeling before starting to kill)

I am looking forward completing my journey with me managing the cancer and to showing you all that you can live a quality of life while fighting the disease as well as after without chemicals and surgery.

Until next time, keep your head up high and love in your heart.

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