Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Journey Ahead

Hello everyone,

My journey will start this month by being on the Road Again.  It starts by going to New York to visit my daughter. Packing, Packing a lot of her things, its head to toe in the car.  Looking forward to this visit~  I had not seen her since before my treatments in Mexico.  Dan and I will be driving up and will be taking our time.  We will be stopping half way to visit some friends and then heading up to New York.

Then our plans are to go to Mexico again for more treatment.  They call it the booster plan.  This will be for 10 days and will be as an out patient.  It will be more relaxed for I will not have to be in the facility everyday and  it will be nice seeing my doctors again.

I will be informing all on how my treatments turn out.  I am so lucky to be able to share my experience without being sick.  I hope by showing my experience it will allow others to think twice of surgery, chemo and radiation.

I had been DX almost five months and the tumors have shrunk with functional medicine.  I have had quality of life with enjoying time with my family without pain.

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