Saturday, July 27, 2013

education in new treatments of cancer from outside of the United States into the United States


  • Target: education of new cancer treaments to physcian, hospital,FDA and insurance in the United States

  • Sponsored by: Norma Surdi
  • Because: We need to change the dying of patience in the United States of cancer. My husband died of cancer at 41, thirty-nine years back. he had the same treatment then as they have now in the USA.It has been 4 years since my second daughter found that she had 2 cancerous tumors in her breast. Sherry said that there has to be a change. The change was a facility in Mexico. Sherry has been almost three years without cancer. There is Functional treatment; detox, diet , heat treatment of blood, mutiply of her own stem cells,, vitamins and a new program for a new life. Why can't we have this natural treatment in the USA to save lives. Please sign if there is a friend or love one in your life that you want to save their lif enow or at any time in their life. Save yours!

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