Monday, July 29, 2013




Yesterday with the company of some friends, Dan and I walked the streets of Ajijic Mexico. We started the day out with some last minutes touches on the remodeling of our new place. I would like to thank Tom, Jan, Todd and Sandra for making it possible. In the real near future I will show it off with pictures. I have to get some odd and ends to complete the d├ęcor.

Well, in the afternoon we set out to go into town and spend the day with friends that we met here in Ajijic. We started out to get a bite to eat at this exclusive dining place called the Tango. The atmosphere was quiet, peaceful and the food was very tasty. The pictures do not do it justice. Sandra had told me last week that when she eats there, the highlight was when she went into the restroom. In each stall there was a painting of two men looking over a fence at her. HAHAHA….Hello!! We looking at you.

After, we then took a walk along the water and stopped along the way at the park. We spent some time there for it was time for exercising. The park had some handmade exercising machines. Watching others enjoying them I took pictures of them in process of enjoying the equipment. After that we then went to the Wednesday market. I was set in looking for pillows for my couch. As we were walking down the path of vendors, we came across these unique pillow covers, which I purchased for about $20.00 American dollars. Along the way back to Wal-Mart we saw some interesting things and I felt a need to take a pictures. Check them out.

Wal-Mart here we come, took the city bus and before you know it we were there. I got some bed pillows to put in the pillow covers that I just got for my couch. Tired and hungry we took a cab home to Hotel Perico. Long day, but enjoyed every minute of it for tomorrow we have a five hour ride to Puerto Vallarta where Dan and I are meeting a friend the chef of the hospital that we were treated for cancer in Mexico. Until tomorrow, here we come Daniel.

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