Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This is incredible lifesaving information that could eradicate cancer and many other chronic illnesses such as HIV.

Why Is Your Medical Doctor NOT Telling You About This Test?
He’s not telling you because he either does not know or does not want to know!
Here are 2 scenarios. You tell me which one you would prefer.
1.) You visit your medical doctor for your yearly check up – typical blood work and even a few tumor markers like CEA or CA 15-3. You worry and wonder all week about the results. You return for your follow up visit. Bad news…. you have elevated tumor markers. Thus starts the barrage of more tests to see “if it has spread”. Most people are suddenly thrust into panic mode, and rightly so.
Here’s the other scenario that I hope will soon become common knowledge for the masses:
2.) You have your yearly checkup, but this time your doctor informs you about a new test that has been offered for years in Europe and but is now being offered to people in the USA. It’s called the Nagalase test. It is a simple blood test that measures the presence of the enzyme Nagalase.
Nagalase is produced by cancer cells (and some viruses) and not by healthy cells. Any amount of Nagalase in your blood means that there are cancer cells that are multiplying and dividing. Nagalase basically cripples your Immune System so that the macrophages that gobble up and dismantle cancer cells can no longer do their job.
The beauty of the Nagalse test is that it is super sensitive….it can detect cancer when it is at the cellular stage instead of the tumor stage. It can take 5-8 years for a tumor to develop and be seen on an x-ray or in blood work. This Nagalse test puts time on your side.
So you have your Nagalase test done and it comes back positive. “No need to panic,” your doctor says. “We are catching this very early and there are so many nontoxic remedies at our disposal that can weaken the cancer cells and build up your Immune System. We will start a few protocols, eliminate a few things from your diet and we will retest in about 6 weeks to see how your Immune System in responding.”
Your doctor continues: “I want you to know that there is scientific evidence and human trials that have shown 100% success rate with Breast Cancer and other cancers with a substance called GcMAF – it activates your macrophages so they can attack the weak cancer cells. Your body is an amazing healing machine. It just needs a few adjustments right now and you will be fit as a fiddle in a few months. If the GcMAF is out of your price range, there are other powerful protocols that can help your body regain balance.”
I don’t know about you but the second scenario sounds more appealing to me. But is this science fiction or is this really happening in the world of cancer research?
This is incredible lifesaving information that could eradicate cancer and many other chronic illnesses such as HIV.
nagalase-gcmaf-loop.2 Dr. N. Yamamoto has spent decades studying and researching the mechanics of cancer cell growth on our Immune System. He discovered that all cancer patients had a suppressed Immune System that was disabled by the Nagalse enzyme produced by cancer cells. The more cancer cells, the weaker the Immune System.  He also found that testing Nagalse levels in the blood could serve as a way to measure the progress of any type of therapy that was being administered…the lower the Nagalse, the better the prognosis.
But why is this not a hot topic on the national evening news? Why is this not being taught to main stream medicine? Because Big Pharma does NOT want to rock the boat of her big cancer cash cow. Millions of lives are being sacrificed as politicians and law makers fill their pockets with “gifts” from Big Pharma and the Cancer Industry in order to keep this type of information suppressed.  It is irreprehensible!!
You can order the Nagalse blood test through my web site. The kit and paper work are delivered to your door. Simply go to a local lab to have your blood drawn and mail the frozen serum to the lab in New Jersey. It takes about 6 weeks to receive the results.
Be Proactive with Prevention by detecting cancer at a very early stage so you NEVER have to fear cancer again.

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