Sunday, January 5, 2014




Long over due, last month Dan and I attended one of the largest book fairs in the world in Guadalajara. In total around 600 authors from 26 nations accompanied the FIL.

A novelty this year was an area dedicated for electronic books, with around 29 businesses in the field exhibiting. The public could try out many devices for themselves in an interactive zone.

This year Israel was the main invited country. There was one whole floor just dedicated to them. Among the Israeli literary celebrities attending was author David Grossman, scholar and historian Anita Shapira and best-selling novelist Zeruya Shalev . They also had many musical performances in which you could attend.

Dan and I were amused after seeing all the books, there were millions! I heard that in the near future printed books will be of the past. You could have fooled me!!!!! We walked through the Expo center for four hours and merely scratched the service. There were three floors of just books…

Check out some of the pictures.

Enjoy the view, until next time.

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