Friday, January 10, 2014



I love to be creative and now since I am finished editing my book ~ waiting for it to get published, I am creating. May it is from foods to just things around the house art is using your imagination, shapes and colors. Since moving to Mexico, I enjoy the bright colors that surround this town called Ajijic and many people inspiring me to create with colors. Look what I am making for my bed. — feeling creative.



A couple of months ago I went to one of the largest book fairs in the world. I bought this puzzle painted by a famous Mexican Artist. I am inspired to put it together all 1000 pieces with the help from Dan. Once it’s done I will hang on canvas up in my living room. Please encourage me to complete it!!!!!

For several years I have been researching how to help myself by being healthy and avoid getting cancer back. Since I managed my cancer with FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE, I'm spreading my knowledge to who ever once to know. Foods are very important to this process. You are what you eat. I try to create dishes that are healthy as well as making it my own creation. The other morning I decided to make this casserole, which you are able to have any time of the day. IT’S WITH EGGS.. Just remember you can make it your own by adding different kinds of vegetables to brighten up the dish. Freeze it for left over. You can set the mood ~~~ candle light!!! — feeling refreshed

Wait, what is for lunch or maybe for dinner??? Why not make egg plant lasagna without the noodles or just a stuffed pepper. While it’s in the oven, you can be on FB enjoying all the post or just relaxing and watching your favorite TV show. I'm always creating something by using my imagination, ITS FUN even if it doesn't turn out the why I pictured it..... ADD COLORS

FOOD FOR THOUGHT!!!! When I was a child, I was told to make up my bed. My mother told me that it will make the whole room look clean... Will, this stuck with me and I always made up my bed..... How about you? There is a secret to it, I just buy a big comforter and pull over with big fluffy pillows..... MAKE IT BRIGHT — feeling happy.


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