Friday, July 8, 2011




Full of energy, a couple of days after my treatment and I am feeling awesome. It was amazing seeing the nature and beauty and thanks to our friend, Richey we were exploring the mountain sites of Big Bear. The city is up at 7,000 feet and the San Bernardino National Forest is 100 miles surrounding Big Bear northeast of Los Angeles.
As we were driving up the mountain my ears were popping, but I was not letting that bother me for the site was so beautiful. I was taking pictures of the rocks and surrounding areas. You know that seeing is believing and what you see doesn’t do the pictures justice. The road narrowed and widened as we drove closer to the top. It would be great for motorcycling with the air brushing across your face. The weather was cool about average of 75 degree’s. While looking all around I felt so small and realized that this world is so big and I was standing in just one part of it. I did not want this time to end, for I felt free of all and enjoyed being up in the mountains.

But, we drove down and ended the trip with a peaceful ending of a perfect day. I hated to leave for that night we were heading back home by airplane.

Now, I am home safe and sound. Ready to continue my home treatment and wait six to eight weeks for another MRI.

One thing that I learned during this trip to the facility was, everything starts out with a core and it works its way to the top.  Well ~ that is what cancer does, when we find it, most want it to be taken care of right away. They feel that with chemotherapy ,radiation and with surgery this will take care of the issue, but wait! We all want a quick fix and puff its all gone. No, it happened for a reason and before you can take care of something, you should find out how it started. Our immune system needs to be straightened and we need to double check our environment with all the chemicals we intake. After taking care of the issue of how it started then we can take care of the problem. This is what I am doing and successfully being done thanks to my doctors and functional medicine. There is hope and a cure, we have to take control of our lives.

Until I get home, have a wonderful day.

Look I am on top !!

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