Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Sorry this is posted later, but my editor Dan was slow in editing.

As I sat in the lobby waiting to speak to someone in the business office, I meditated over what next week will bring. I do not have any treatment scheduled today, but we go to the facility everyday to eat breakfast and an early dinner for there is very little organic places to eat.

We have an appointment around 2:00 pm to see Mike, who is a very nice gentlemen ;to get our last stay claims and statement for our taxes. When dealing with any facility you have to be real patient for time just ticks away. As I look over to Dan’s direction I see that he is sleeping. Its very peaceful in the lobby and not too many people are waiting today.

About an hour ago I saw my doctor in the café where we were getting some sun and he came over to see how I was doing. He asked if I have seen any of the sites here in Tijuana and advised us of this tour bus that leaves every hour and you can get off at any of the designations of importance. Dan was interested in maybe doing something like that after our meeting.

Time has stopped for me today, I can hear everything like it was right in front of me while people were talking to one another in Spanish. I did not know what they were saying but that is besides the fact. The air condition was turning on and off with the steps of peoples footsteps coming and going. Dan just informed me that it is time to go up stairs to see Mike, so I am going to close and wish everyone a great week end.

Tomorrow I have my first treatment of stem cell and then hopefully we will be able to take it easy and do something FUN.

Bye until next time.

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