Tuesday, July 5, 2011



While looking out the window of our friends get away home I realized that my booster program was over. My doctor insured me that by keeping up with the home program , taking my vitamins and minerals and eating organic foods I am managing the cancer. It’s getting better and under control. I have to be grateful that I have these doctors in my life. It’s amazing that people that know me or I run across find out that I have cancer and see how well I am doing and wonder~ how I look so well. I give functional medicine all the credit. I feel real good within and have no pain. Its like I do not have this sickness, but; I have to sometimes stop and say to myself to slow down. My body is healing and I need to keep balanced.

It was very hard to leave Mexico for I felt safe with all my friends

, it was like my second family. From Ana the other patient, we learned so much and will truly miss her. Vera ; well she is an incredible person full of love and life. Her work is awesome and has given me a second chance at life with her procedure. Dr. Perez and Dr Garcia, the knowledge and compassion that they have shown me. It is time for me to go through the border, the afternoon has come and we await for the van to pick us up from the facility.

The facility is not too far from the border near San Diego. It was just minutes before we got to the border, but then; the long wait started. As I was waiting in the line of busses and vans, I needed to go to the bathroom, but no where to go. I asked the van driver, if when we get checked, is there is a rest room inside. He replied, yes if it is open. Well, about an hour later we made it up to the front and we pushed all four suitcases into the checking point. The only thing that was going through my mind was a bathroom. I was happy that we were back in the USA and asked the person that looked at our passport where the rest room was. It was closed and the nearest one was outside around the corner in the McDonalds, I should have known. HAHAHA. After our bags were checked I rushed to McDonalds, but wait ~ yes in order to use the restrooms I needed 25 cents .I looked in my purse and was able to find the amount and stick it in the machine ;thank goodness!!

Dan and I then got back in the van and were driven to San Diego Airport where we met our friends. Rich has been friends with Dan since the 70’s and grew up in his own town and Sandy is his other half. Now getting back to the beginning of my story, that is how we got to Arizona.

We already saw the London Bridge; it was very interesting because when my daughter was in London to get her masters we went over the London Bridge there. After we went over it we were told that it was not the original one. So when we saw it here in Lake Havasu, Arizona we were surprised and I had to take several pictures.

I would like to thank Rich and Sandy for sharing a wonderful weekend and off we go again.

Until next time.

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