Friday, July 8, 2011


Looking out of my porch door and its dark and rainy. Welcome home, the weather is good for sitting around and composing a message for my blog. So that’s exactly what I am going to do. You know its always good to come home to your comfort zone. Weeks ahead is going to be very busy with basic chores and financial decisions. My treatment is not approved FDA and is draining our bank account. I would like to fight for these procedures to be FDA for it works and I would like to educate people on functional medicine.

We need to stop and look at where this country is going as far as cancer. I have learned so much within the seven months of treating my own body. Its all about taking care of your immune system and changing your environment. It does take a little effort on your part, but it can be done. I am living it now and healing my body. Throughout my writings, I express that we need to change in order to make a difference. It starts with you and then our children will have a chance.

Well, while I was gone I had someone check on my garden and to water it. Its indoors and even though it rained everyday, my plants were not getting the water they needed. I was surprised for my tomato plants were getting so tall and my basil plant was getting full. I was not pleased with the outcome of my cucumbers. They were doing okay, but my cucumbers were not as ripe as I thought they would be at this time, but healthy. Hoping for vegetables soon.

Well need to go and do some chores, wait a minute I am blessed that I have the energy to do them. Thank all that have prayed for me and the fantastic treatments that I am receiving ~ FUNCTIONAL MEDICINE.
Until next time
By the way; some one gave me a bag of potato chips to honor breast cancer patients.

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