Friday, March 9, 2012

Is it all right to commercialize CANCER?


Is it all right to commercialize CANCER?  WHY is it that we believe that the foods on the shelves at the grocery are safe?  We need to open up our eyes and connect the dots!  As a whole we need to research what is in our foods and realize what is harming us, I think we are~ our worse enemy.

A car which requires clean oil and gas to run properly starts to sputter when filthy components of these are mixed into its makeup. Our bodies begin to sputter or disease takes hold when the fuel or food we consume is processed or chemically polluted.  We consume everyday legal doses of processed foods that can kill an army by diseases.  We need to be more alert with what we feed our children and ourselves.  The future depends on saving our environment~ the soil is being polluted with chemicals that effects the roots of  the crops.  The water that we drink is also being polluted with chemicals.  We were not created to live with chemicals within our bodies, yet we consume them daily.

]I would love to hear from you, with feedback on what , as a nation we should do.  Everyone is worried about wars amongst countries, but not paying attention to the one that is effecting us most ~ THE WAR ON FOODS.

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We need to go back to the ways of our ancestry and eat alkaline foods and  water.  The foods need to be planted in soil that is free from chemicals and not sprayed with chemicals.
This is the first step to the right direction.  What are your thoughts???

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