Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Its 4:10 in the morning and I have something on my mind. Don’t you hate that? I had this conversation the other day with a friend regarding our foods we eat. I need your help with this topic and would like to know what your take is on this~~~~

The conversation included that, how do we know if it is really our food we eat that is killing us with cancer? I explained to her that the food industry is putting substances in our foods that are dangerous to our health. My friend agreed that they are now just finding out that some of it could be harmful, but then in another sentence she replied how do you know that is what caused my cancer. I used the theory of cigarettes and lung cancer to foods and cancer. With that, my friend states that she could not put it in the same category. It was like talking to a wall, and all I could do is drop that conversation and start up another.

I guess what I am asking you is what is your opinion? Do you think our foods are harming us and would you take action to change it if you could?

There is another topic that is consuming me and that is choice. I did not get a choice from the doctors here in the states as far as treatments. The only option was surgery, chemo, radiation and I took another step to go out of the safety zone of my doctors. If you had or have a choice of options regarding cancer treatments would you use other means that are not so invasive?

Your thoughts are important, so please let me know what you feel?

I am going to try to get some sleep, until your reply have an awesome Tuesday.

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Roisin at Angeles Health said...

Hi Sheryl!

I have watched numerous videos on YouTube about how harmful some of our foods are, from there not being enough oxygen in the oil of processed food to dangerous effects of sweeteners such as aspartame.

The reason so many people, such as your friend, do not see the full scale of the problem is that most people have prolonged media contact every day: TV, radio, newspapers, commercial websites and billboards all are pushing products, the majority of which are not healthy. But the corporations selling these products put profit way ahead of our health.

To find out real information on nutrition and health we need to delve a little deeper and nobody is really pushing us to do that. It is difficult to move beyond your culture and influential institutions such as the media, the medical establishment and even the government, but you Sheryl have done this by pursuing your own research and taking positive action for your health.

I look forward to reading your next blog post and would like to thank you for all your support for Angeles Health in Mexico!

All the best,