Sunday, March 4, 2012

Vera Lopez with her years of expertise as a perfusionist

What is Hyperthermia Perfusion?

It is a technique that has been developed by Vera Lopez a perfusionist with 34 years of experience in the United States and Mexico. Vera's procedure is unlike any other hyperthermia treatment. The blood is warmed from the inside. Unlike most hyperthermia treatments, hyperthermia perfusion does not use heating lamps or blankets which are very uncomfortable and can sometimes burn the patient. No sedation is involved in the process, the patient is FULLY AWAKE during the entire procedure and is able to talk and communicate with others, drink liquids, read, work on the computer or simply rest. The patient is not left alone during the procedure and is monitored by the perfusionist, as well as a nurse and a physician.

Hyperthermia Perfusion is not only effective as a way to fight cancer but it can also be applied as a technique in fighting other infectious/contagious diseases such as HIV, Lyme Disease and Hepatitis.

One of it's advantages is the non-invasive approach of the treatment and the fact that patients are fully aware of their surroundings. The patient and the perfusionist are in constant communication during the procedure.

Vera Lopez with her years of expertise as a perfusionist, provides a security that together with the comfort of the procedure and the effectivenes of this treatment, make Hyperthermia Perfusion one of the most unique, innovative and successful methods in the fight against cancer today.

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