Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sugars are poison to the body


Sugars are poison to the body, just as chemo is poison; both decreases the body's ability to fight cancer. How can healing occur when the body is caused to weaken; it cannot begin to heal when poisons are present. Cancer grows when fed sugars; yet in cancer centers throughout the U.S. cancer patients are fed sugars during treatments and advised to eat more sugars at home; in order to increase body weight. This practice is absurd and dangerous.

We must look closing at research and as we do we discover, cancer as it grows and takes over the body will eat whatever it needs to survive and overcome the body. A major source as cancer progresses is its consumption of glutamine from the body's muscle mass; this is the reason for many patients to appear thin, the muscle mass is being consumed. Sugar and carbs will not put back the muscle mass, it is a clear warning to caregivers the cancer is advancing. Glutamine should be taken in order to keep the muscles healthy while fight cancer and all processed sugars need be removed from the diet.

We must understand our bodies need some source of sugar, however, this type of sugar is a food source, a whole food the body recognizes. You may get this in your healthy organic diet, fruits, vegetables, honey, etc, all whole foods, all created by nature and recognized by the body as a whole food source and the sugars are processed as nutrients.

We can make a change in lives, but we must educate the public with truths. People will respond to the truths if they are willing to survive.

I also make available foods you absolutely need to use organic and other fruits and vegetables that can be used grown naturally. Some foods do not absorb non organic materials, others absorb it thoroughly therefore you MUST use organic

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