Saturday, April 28, 2012


As I have been mending my own body, I would like to share my thoughts speaking through my heart. We as a whole live in a fast world. We want a quick fix. It does not matter if it’s something as simple as getting our cars repaired to something in our homes. Who wants to wait?

It does not matter if it is our own body. We do not want to wait on natural resources to cure our bodies. Why should we when there are drugs out there that will do the trick ~ right ! Think from your heart, for a wise man once told me that cancer happens for a reason. May it be our environment that we have been living (pollution). May it be the chemicals that we have been using throughout the years (cleaning products down to what we wash our hair with). May it be the water we drink (fluoride). May it be the food we eat (pesticides). Now the hardest part is to just change your lifestyle and make better choices in the future.

Cancer breaths on processed sugar and wheat products, which damages our cells. We can fight like an army and manage cancer with heat and oxygen. It’s a known fact that cancer can not breath and grow in heat or oxygen. There are natural ways of controlling ones cancer by using technology without damaging your good cells.

Think from your heart, chemotherapy has worked on some people and is what manages to keep them alive for more then five years or more. But what has it done to your body; you lose your hair and get sick to your stomach. We do not know the long term side effects it will do on our bodies! Yes, it is a quick fix, but harmful for it will kill your good cells also.

Stop and take a look at what you are doing and research what is being done from all over the world before making a decision that may cost your life. Take time to build your immune system up and find out what caused the cancer ~ take control of the problem.

Thinking from my heart worked and I am humbled for it. I am able to spread the types of treatments that I received and how I changed my lifestyle. I had breast cancer over a year ago and managed it without surgery, chemotherapy, radiation. Check out my journey and believe in yourself . You do have a choice just research the answer.

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