Sunday, April 15, 2012


Saturday April 14, 2012 in the Tampa Bay Times Pg 4A Texas Board Approves Rules on use of STEM CELLS The Texas Medical Board on Friday approved controversial new rules on the use of adult stem cells, raising concerns that Texans could receive therapies that have not yet been proven to work and that could be unsafe. The new rules allows doctors to perform stem cell procedures as long as they ...are done for research and receive approval from an institutional review board which can be private and profit making. The rules also require that patients sign informed consent forms. The approval process which took months was set off by GOV. RICK PERRY, WHO REPORTED RELIEF FROM BACK PAIN AFTER BEING INJECTED WITH HIS OWN STEM CELLS LAST SUMMER  BEFORE  HE BEGAN HIS PRESIDENTIAL BID. RESEARCHERS SAID THE EVIDENCE OF SUCCESS OF STEM CELL INJECTIONS IS ANECDOTAL AND THEY ADVOCATE WAITING FOR CLINICAL TRIAL RESULTS BEFORE ALLOWING DOCTORS TO CHARGE PATIENTS FOR THE PROCEDURES WHICH TYPICALLY COST TEN OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS.
Please follow Sherry's Journal of her recovery of cancer with one of treatment of injecting her own stem cells in Mexico and not TENS OF THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS! Please - people do not have to die from lack of treatment. And some do not have to die that decide not to have chemo or radiation. JUST THINK - IF GOV. RICK PERRY CAN HAVE HIS OWN STEM CELL INJECTED INTO HIM, WHY CAN'T THE AVERAGE PERSON IN THE UNITED STATES?

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