Saturday, August 3, 2013



Our friend Daniel’s cousin was getting married on Friday and we were invited to attend. Daniel wanted us to meet his whole family and experience a Mexican wedding. The bride was from Puerto Vallarta, but the groom was originally from Philadelphia.

The wedding started at the church that Liz Taylor and Richard Burton got married. I being raised as a catholic and attending service all through my childhood years in a cathedral, St. Jude’s in St. Petersburg, Fl ; was amazed how I could follow the service in Spanish. I thoroughly enjoyed the service and was in awe with the beauty of the church. All the churches that I have been through here in Mexico are full of gold and statues of Mary and Jesus. Even the stages of the crosses were detailed and wonderfully staged on the wall.

After the church wedding we went to the reception which was a distance from the church. Daniel’s family all got on this bus which took us to an oasis up along the ocean, it reminded me of the Pacific Coast of California. The houses were huge and looked like Mansions. We finally arrived after about a 45 minute ride to our destination to a small Mexican town. We all got out and walked over a hand constructed bridge with no railings, with the ocean surrounding us all around. What a beautiful site this was. The reception was full of excitement and we really enjoyed the time we had with Daniel’s family.

I would like to thank the bride and groom for allowing us to participate in their important day and wish them all the happiness.

The evening lasted until around 3:30 am and the bus came to pick us up. Never the less we did not get back to our hotel until around 5:00 am. The Mexican’s do know how to party!!!


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