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How Teeth Affect the Body's Energy

It may seem different to make that connection. But Dr. Alison Adams discusses how different meridians in the body are connected to the teeth. She talks about how dental health is connected to different energies throughout the body and how those energies can also affect dental health.
Contributor(s): Adams, Alison BDS, MS, KFRP
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Announcer: The Mouth Body Doctor

Dr. Alison Adams: Although Homeopathic Medicine and Dentistry treat the body as
though it was solid, Einstein and Quantum Physics tells us that there may
be no such thing as matter. Indeed recent developments in imaging have
confirmed the teachings of the traditional Indian and Chinese healing
traditions, as shown here. What these ancient wisdoms maintain is that what
we regard as matter is actually consciousness, energy, or spirit creating
the appearance of what we perceive as the physical universe.

Our bodies act as receivers of high vibration universal energy, Chi or
Prana, and reduce it into what appears to us to be solid matter by a series
of step down transformers known as Chakras that lie along the length of the
spine. Each of these Chakras is associated with a subtle energy body, of
which the innermost is the physical body that we can perceive. The etheric
body contains the blueprint for the physical body and it is in these energy
bodies that vibrational remedies and homeopathics exert their influence,
reprogramming the information, which creates the physical.

Energy from the Chakras is then circulated through two main reservoir
meridians running up the front and back of the body, which feed into a
system of (?) bilateral energy meridians, which emulate all of the tissues
of the body. The teeth and mouth sockets all have energy meridians
associated with them.

The acupuncture points are where the physical and energetic bodies
interface and they have up to one-fifth the electrical resistance and
several hundred times the electrical capacitance of the skin elsewhere and
can be detected using electrical sensors. Acupuncture has developed a
sophisticated system of boosting sluggish meridian flows and redirecting
energies in overactive meridians, much as you would control water in
waterways or electricity in a (?).

This understanding of the body as an energy system is important to
dentistry for a number of reasons. The first is that what we do in the
mouth can have effects in distant tissue and organ systems as determined by
the meridian flows. So that the retention of a dead and infected root
filled tooth will compromise meridian flows through the associated meridian
and restorative metals may also either block or produce electro-stimulation
of the meridians as a result of galvanism. The second reason is that poor
or sluggish meridian flows can produce dental disease and will continue to
do so until the underlying cause is addressed.

In fact, via the system we are constantly exchanging information with the
whole, and it with us, as we are all a part of a (?) graphic universe in
which there is only the appearance of separation. To quote Ram Dass, "It's
all God in drag." Or to put it another way, in the words of the futurists
and agnostic Robert ?, "for the scientist who has lived by his faith in the
power of reason, the story ends like a bad dream. He has scaled the
mountains of ignorance. He is about to conquer the highest peak. As he
pulls himself over the final rock he is greeted by a band of theologians
who have been sitting there for centuries."

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