Wednesday, August 21, 2013


As I sit down and write again, I recall what drove me to share my live with everyone three years ago. I was at my worst and I had to prove to all that I could change it for the good. I am still cancer free without having surgery, chemo and radiation. Through this experience I have met a lot of wonderful people and obtained a lot of knowledge. I learned that knowledge is power and we live in a very big world. One needs to explore, because you can miss what I have learned about cancer and changing your lifestyle if you do not.

I discovered for example, Mexico is a great place to live. I moved from Florida which I lived all my life, to Mexico about five months ago. I do not speak Spanish at this time, but will be learning. It has been an eye opener to Dan and I for it is not like we had heard it would be ~ its much better.

I am located in the middle part of the country, near a small town called Chapala. I have grown to love the mountains and the small towns. The culture is full of beauty with the gifted talent of the people’s art that is showcased throughout. The land is speaking out saying that we are here and the sun is shining on our souls.

This experience I will continue to share, for I find it so important to show case this countries value to the world. I came for a new journey, and a new beginning for I have been blessed to have been treated by Mexican doctors that have taught me to survive cancer the functional way.

Tonight as I look back at my past, I reflect on the valuable lesson that I learned and realized how important quality of life is. I was given this quality of life and humble to share the bad along with the good.

Remember, anything is possible.

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