Sunday, February 21, 2016



If you have been following my journey for the past five years, you would know how I feel about keeping your body healthier. From my experiences first hand and through family members dying of cancer, to me having cancer I feel that we are not alone. This world of ours is full of seeds that are planted every day with the knowledge of managing diseases to treatments that are proven to work. The key word is aftercare. Most people after any treatment go back to their old lifestyles, which was in part causing the illness in the first place.

Since Dan and I have had cancer, I have been spreading the word through my blogs and websites. I even wrote a book of our experiences but also mentioning that it not only effects the person that is suffering from the disease, but their family and friends.

So today I am planting a seed in your behave and doing something about it by starting a foundation for if any one should happen to need help, its there.

Please be a part of this and help me collect some funds to continue this quest.

Be the water, its make this grow and God will do the rest. Give a small gift of hope and share

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